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Navi Board. Ship Models 1650-1750

Year: 1989
Language: english
Author: John Franklin
Genre: История
Publisher: Naval Institute Press
Format: PDF
Number of pages: 186
Description: Official Admiralty or Dockyard models were considered supreme examples of the ship modeler's art in their role in the design of full-sized prototypes. But little is known about these models, including the identity of the modellers and often the identity of the models themselves. This book is the first to address these problems. The author turns to the background and use of the models as well as a detailed analysis of their materials, construction techniques and decoration, as well as their controversial style of framing. The second half of the book comprises a representative selection of some two dozen of the best models described in detail, with photos and drawings.


John Franklin ''Navi Board. Ship Models 1650-1750''.pdf


Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 11)

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