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Crude oil tanker "British Kestrel" Bridge manual- Worldwide Marine Technology ltd., UK- [2005, PDF]

Year: 2005
Language: english
Author: Worldwide Marine Technology ltd.
Genre: Documentation
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 286
Description: The purpose of this ‘one-stop’ manual is to assist, inform and guide competent ship’s staff, and trainees in the operation of the systems and equipment on board and to provide additional information that may not be otherwise available. In some cases, the competent ship’s staff and trainees may be initially unfamiliar with this vessel and the information in this manual is intended to accelerate the familiarisation process. It is intended to be used in conjunction with shipyard drawings and manufacturer’s instruction manuals, bulletins, Fleet Regulations, the ship’s Captain’s and Chief Engineer’s Standing Orders and in no way replaces or supersedes these publications, all of which take precedence over this manual.
Information relevant to the operation of the British Kestrel has been carefully collated in relation to the systems of the vessel and is presented in three on board volumes consisting of BRIDGE SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT OPERATING MANUAL, CARGO OPERATING MANUAL and MACHINERY OPERATING MANUAL.
This release contains Bridge Systems and Equipment Operating Manual.


Part 1: Ship Characteristics
1.1 Principal Data
1.1.1 Principal Particulars
1.1.2 Tanks and Capacity Plan
1.1a General Arrangement
1.1b General Arrangement - Upper Deck Accommodation
1.1c General Arrangement - 'A' Deck
1.1d General Arrangement - 'B' Deck
1.1e General Arrangement - 'C' Deck
1.1f General Arrangement - 'D' Deck
1.1g General Arrangement - Navigation Deck
1.1.2a Tank Capacity Tables
1.1.2b Tank Capacity Tables
1.2 Ship Handling
1.2.1 Turning Circles
1.2.2 Manoeuvring
1.2.3 Visibility Over the Bow
1.2.1a Turning Circles
1.2.2a Inertia Stopping Tests
1.2.2b Crash Stop Astern Tests
1.3 Performance Data
1.3.1 Fuel Oil Consumption/Power Data
1.3.2 Revolutions/Speed/Power Data
1.3.3 Limitations on Operating Machinery
1.3.4 Squat Values
1.2.3a Visibility Diagrams
1.3.2a Speed/Power Curves
1.3.4a Squat Curve
Part 2: Bridge Layout and Equipment
2.1 Bridge Layout and Equipment
2.1.1 Bridge Consoles and Equipment
2.1.1a Bridge Layout
2.1.1b Bridge Main Console
2.1.1c Manoeuvring Console
2.1.1d Bridge Radio Table Layout
2.1.1e Lighting, Alarm and Detection Control Panel
2.1.1f Bridge Chart Table Layout
2.1.1g Wheelhouse Overhead Console
2.2 Integrated Navigation System
2.2.1 Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)
2.2.2 Voyage Planning
2.2.3 Use of the Voyage Management System on Passage
2.2.4 Safety Features
2.2.5 Radar Interface
2.2.6 Radar Operation
2.2a Chart Display
2.2b VMS Conning Screen Display
2.2c Keyboard Display
2.2.1a ECDIS Equipment
2.2.2a Voyage Plan Editor Display
2.2.6a Radar Equipment
2.2.6b Radar Control Panel and Screen Display
2.3 Autopilot and Electric Steering System
2.3.1 Steering Procedures
2.3.2 Autopilot
2.3.3 Gyrocompass
2.3.4 Magnetic Compass
2.3.1a Steering Stand and Peripherals
2.3.1b Manoeuvring Console
2.3.2a Autopilot Display and Control Panel
2.3.3a Gyrocompass System
2.3.3b Gyrocompass Monitor
2.3.3c Gyrocompass Unit Menu
2.4 Main Engine Manoeuvring Control
2.4.1 Main Engine Controls
2.4.2 Main Engine - Procedures
2.4.1a Main Engine System
2.4.1b Main Engine Control Panel on the Bridge
2.4.1c Bridge Telegraph Unit
2.5 Discrete Equipment
2.5.1 Speed Log
2.5.2 DGPS Navigator
2.5.3 Echo Sounder
2.5.4 Meteorological System
2.5.5 Weather Facsimile Machine
2.5.6 Voyage Data Recorder
2.5.7 Automatic Identification System
2.5.8 Hull Stress Monitoring
2.5.9 Fog Bell and Gong System
2.5.10 Whistle System
2.5.11 Sound Reception System
2.5.1a Speed Log System
2.5.2a DGPS System
2.5.2b DGPS Control Panel
2.5.3a Echo Sounder System
2.5.3b Echo Sounder Equipment
2.5.4a Anemometer System
2.5.5a Weather Facsimile Receiver
2.5.6a Voyage Data Recorder System Overview
2.5.6b Voyage Data Recorder Remote Display Unit
2.5.7a Automatic Identification System
2.5.7b Automatic Identification System Screen
2.5.7c Automatic Identification System Menu Tree
2.5.8a Hull Stress Stain Gauge Locations and Mimic Display
2.5.9a Fog Bell and Gong System
2.5.10a Whistle System
2.5.10b Whistle Control Panel
2.5.11a Sound Reception Control Panel
2.6 GMDSS and Communications Systems
2.6.1 GMDSS Overview
2.6.2 Inmarsat-B System
2.6.3 Inmarsat-C System
2.6.4 Inmarsat Mini M System
2.6.5 VHF Transceiver Systems
2.6.6 MF/HF Transceiver Systems
2.6.7 EPIRB and SARTS
2.6.8 NAVTEX Receiver
2.6.9 Emergency Radios
2.6.1a GMDSS
2.6.1b GMDSS Distress Reactions
2.6.1c GMDSS Equipment
2.6.2a Inmarsat-B System
2.6.3a Inmarsat-C Station
2.6.5a VHF DSC Systems
2.6.6a MF/HF Control Unit System
2.6.7a SART
2.6.8a NAVTEX Receiver
2.6.9a GMDSS Emergency Hand Held VHF Radio
2.7 Internal Communications
2.7.1 Common Battery Powered Telephone System
2.7.2 Automatic Telephone System
2.7.3 Public Address System
2.8 Lighting Systems
2.8.1 Navigation Lights
2.8.2 Deck Lighting
2.8.1a Navigation and Signal Lights
2.8.1b Navigation and Signal Light Control Panels
2.8.2a Deck Lighting Plan
2.8.2b Deck Lighting Control Panel
Part 3: Deck Equipment
3.1 Mooring
3.1.1 Mooring Arrangement
3.1.2 Anchoring Arrangement
3.1.3 Emergency Towing Arrangements
3.1.4 Anchoring and Mooring Procedures
3.1.1a Mooring Arrangement
3.1.1b Deck Mooring Hydraulic System
3.1.1c Deck Hydraulic Power Pack Control Panel
3.1.3a Aft Emergency Towing Arrangement
3.1.4a Ship to Ship Mooring Arrangement
3.2 Lifting and Access Equipment
3.2.1 Hose Handling Crane
3.2.2 Provision and Stores Cranes
3.2.3 Accommodation and Pilot Ladder Reels
3.2.1a Hose Handling Cranes
3.2.2a Provisions and Engine Room Cranes
3.2.2b Provision/Stores Crane Control Units
3.2.2c Provision Cranes Slewing Sectors and Jib Rest Positions
3.2.3a Accommodation Ladder
3.3 Lifesaving Equipment
3.3.1 Lifeboats and Davits
3.3.2 Rescue Boat and Davit
3.3.3 Liferafts, Davit Launched and Free Fall
3.3.4 Lifeboat Survival Guide
3.3.5 Fire Fighting Equipment Plans
3.3.6 Lifesaving Equipment Plans
3.3.1a Lifeboat
3.3.1b Lifeboat Recovery Davit and Stowage
3.3.1c Lifeboat Launch and Recovery Procedure
3.3.2a Rescue Boat and Davit
3.3.3a Righting a Capsized Liferaft
3.3.3b Liferaft Release
3.3.3c Liferaft Davit Launch Procedure
3.3.5a Safety and Fire Control Symbols (1)
3.3.5b Safety and Fire Control Symbols (2)
3.3.5c Fire Fighting Equipment and Dampers - Navigation and
D Deck
3.3.5d Fire Fighting Equipment and Dampers - B and C Deck
3.3.5e Fire Fighting Equipment and Dampers - A Deck
3.3.5f Fire Fighting Equipment and Dampers - Upper Deck
3.3.5g Fire Fighting Equipment and Dampers - Main Deck
3.3.5h Fire Fighting Equipment and Dampers - Engine Room 2nd
Deck and Bosun’s Store
3.3.5i Fire Fighting Equipment and Dampers - Engine Room
3rd Deck
3.3.5j Fire Fighting Equipment and Dampers - Engine Room
4th Deck and Floor
3.3.6a Lifesaving Equipment and Escape Routes - Navigation and
D Deck
3.3.6b Lifesaving Equipment and Escape Routes - B and C Decks
3.3.6c Lifesaving Equipment and Escape Routes - A and Upper
(Accommodation) Deck
3.3.6d Lifesaving Equipment and Escape Routes - Main Deck
(Upper Deck at Accommodation)
3.3.6e Lifesaving Equipment and Escape Routes - Engine Room
2nd Deck and Bosun’s Store
3.3.6f Lifesaving Equipment and Escape Routes - Engine Room
3rd Deck
3.3.6g Lifesaving Equipment and Escape Routes - Engine Room
4th Deck and Floor
3.4 Safety Equipment
3.4.1 Hydrocarbon and Oxygen Detection Meter
3.4.2 Personal H2S Gas Analyser
3.4.3 Dräger CMS Analyser
3.4.4 Fire Detection System
3.4.5 Fire Alarm Detection Plans
3.4.6 Bosun’s Store and Chain Locker Bilge System
3.4a Portable Gas Detection Equipment
3.4.4a Fire Detection Panel
3.4.4b Lyngsø AMS Fire Detection Alarm Overview Screen
3.4.5a Fire Detection and Alarms - Navigation and D Deck
3.4.5b Fire Detection and Alarms - B and C Deck
3.4.5c Fire Detection and Alarms - A and Upper
(Accommodation) Deck
3.4.5d Fire Detection and Alarms - Main Deck
3.4.5e Fire Detection and Alarms - Engine Room 2nd Deck and
Bosun’s Store
3.4.5f Fire Detection and Alarms - Engine Room 3rd Deck
3.4.5g Fire Detection and Alarms - Engine Room 4th Deck and
3.4.6a Bosun’s Store and Chain Locker Bilge System
3.4.6b Deck Drainage and Scuppers
Part 4: Emergency Systems and Procedures
4.1 Emergency Systems and Procedures
4.1.1 Deck Fire Hydrant, Lifeboat and Liferaft Water Spray
4.1.2 Quick-Closing Valves, Fire Dampers and Emergency
4.1.3 Deck Foam Fire Fighting System
4.1.4 Engine Room Local Fire Fighting System
4.1.5 Sea Water Spray System
4.1.6 Fire Control Station
4.1.7 Galley Fat Fryer Extinguishing System
4.1.1a Fire and Deck Wash System
4.1.1b Lifeboat, Liferaft and Rescue Boat Water Spray System
4.1.2a Quick-Closing and Remote Closing Valve System
4.1.3a Deck Foam Fire Fighting System
4.1.4a Engine Room Local Fire Fighting System
4.1.4b Local fire Fighting Detection Control Panel
4.1.4c Local Fire Fighting Detection Repeater Panel
4.1.5a Sea Water Spray System
4.1.6a Fire Control Station
4.2 Emergency Procedures - Navigation
4.2.1 Steering Gear Failure
4.2.2 Main Engine Failure
4.2.3 Man Overboard
4.2.4 Search and Rescue
4.2.5 Collision and Grounding
4.2.6 Towing and Being Towed
4.2.7 Fire
4.2.8 Flooding
4.2.9 Abandon Ship
4.2.10 Piracy Attack
4.2.11 Emergency Reporting
4.2.12 Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue (AMVER)
4.2.4a Search Patterns
Part 5: Miscellaneous Procedures
5.1 Passage Conduct
5.1.1 Passage Planning - Appraisal
5.1.2 Passage Planning - Planning
5.1.3 Passage Planning - Executing the Plan
5.1.4 Passage Planning - Monitoring
5.2 Operational Procedures
5.2.1 Bridge Teamwork
5.2.2 Taking Over Watch
5.2.3 Watchkeeping
5.2.4 Pilot Procedures
5.2.5 Weather Reporting
5.2.1a Bridge Teamwork
5.2.4a Pilot Information Card
5.3 Helicopter Procedures
5.3.1 Helicopter Landing
5.3.2 Helicopter Winching
5.3a Helicopter Operations - Procedure
5.3.1a Helicopter Operations - Checklist
5.3.2a Helicopter Winching
5.4 Garbage Management Plan
5.4a Garbage Management Plan


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