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Procedures for Port State Control, 2017 (IMO resolution A.1119(30)

Year: 2018
Language: english, russian
Author: Отдел безопасности мореплавания ЗАО «ЦНИИ морского флота»
Publisher: ЗАО «ЦНИИМФ»
ISBN: 978-5-8072-0144-7
Format: PDF
Quality: Unknown
Number of pages: 344
Description: This document is intended to provide basic guidance on the conduct of port State control inspections in support of the control provisions of relevant conventions and parts of the IMO Instruments Implementation Code (III Code) (resolution A.1070(28)) and afford consistency in the conduct of these inspections, the recognition of deficiencies of a ship, its equipment, or its crew, and the application of control procedures.


1.1 Purpose
1.2 Application
1.3 Introduction
1.4 Provision for port State control
1.5 Ships of non-Parties
1.6 Ships below convention size
1.7 Definitions
1.8 Professional profile of PSCOs
1.9 Qualification and training requirements of PSCOs
2.1 General
2.2 Initial inspections
2.3 General procedural guidelines for PSCOs
2.4 Clear grounds
2.5 More detailed inspections
3.1 Identification of a substandard ship
3.2 Submission of information concerning deficiencies
3.3 Port State action in response to alleged substandard ships
3.4 Responsibilities of port State to take remedial action
3.5 Guidance for the detention of ships
3.6 Suspension of inspection
3.7 Procedures for rectification of deficiencies and release
4.1 Port State reporting
4.2 Flag State reporting
4.3 Reporting of allegations under MARPOL
5.1 Report of comments
Appendix 1 Code of Good Practice for port State control officers conducting inspections within the framework of the regional Memoranda of Understanding and Agreement on Port State Control
Appendix 2 Guidelines for the detention of ships
Appendix 3 Guidelines for investigations and inspections carried out under Annex I of MARPOL
Appendix 4 Guidelines for investigations and inspections carried out under Annex II of MARPOL
Appendix 5 Guidelines for discharge requirements under Annexes I and II of MARPOL
Appendix 6 Guidelines for more detailed inspections of ship structural and equipment requirements
Appendix 7 Guidelines for control of operational requirements
Appendix 8 Guidelines for port State control officers on the ISM Code
Appendix 9 Guidelines for port State control related to LRIT
Appendix 10 Guidelines for port State control under the 1969 Tonnage Convention
Appendix 11 Guidelines for port State control officers on certification of seafarers, manning and hours of rest
Appendix 12 List of certificates and documents
Appendix 13 Report of inspection in accordance with IMO port State control procedures
Appendix 14 Report of deficiencies not fully rectified or only provisionally rectified
Appendix 15 Report of action taken to the notifying authority
Appendix 16 Format for the Report of contravention of MARPOL (article 6)
Appendix 17 Comments by flag State on detention report
Appendix 18 List of instruments relevant to port State control procedures


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GOOGLE BOT 24-Aug-2018 06:39
SerTan 24-Aug-2018 20:13
44137Так а в чем разница с ?????
Та же самая книга?!?!
Да вроде на разных языках люди писали, типа русский и английский Писатель! Стена
Вона чё!!! Тадыть ясно!!! Может по пиву?
Ток на обложке все одинаково, я и решил, что в обеих книгах то же самое: два языка в каждой)))
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