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Control of Marine Propellers - Smogeli_PhD_Thesis

Year: 2006
Language: english
Author: Øyvind Smogeli
Genre: Research papers
Publisher: NTNU
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 322
Description: This is a thesis about control of marine propellers. All ships and underwater
vehicles, as well as an increasing number of offshore exploration and exploitation
vessels, are controlled by proper action of their propulsion systems. For safe and
cost effective operations, high performance vessel control systems are needed.
To achieve this, all parts of the vessel control system, including both plant
level and low-level control, must be addressed. However, limited attention has
earlier been given to the effects of the propulsion system dynamics. The possible
consequences of improper thruster control are:
• Decreased closed-loop vessel performance due to inaccurate thrust production
• Increased vessel down-time and maintenance cost due to unnecessary mechanical
wear and tear.
• Increased fuel consumption and risk of blackouts due to unpredictable
power consumption.
By focusing explicitly on the propeller operating conditions and the available options
for low-level thruster control, this thesis presents several results to remedy
these problems.


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