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Lighthouse Reports, Autonomous safety on vessels, an international overview and trends within the transport sector

Year: 2016
Language: english
Author: Robert Rylander
Genre: Research papers
Publisher: Lighthouse
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 55
Description: The trend is clear, higher level of automation is entering all sectors of transportation
and it stretches from searching for natural resources and all the way in to our homes.
Shipping vessels and the shipping industry is changing rapidly. The world’s first
smart ship with shore-based monitoring and controlling “I-Dolphin” will be keel laid
September 2016 built in China1 and delivered 2017. US DARPA2 is about to launch a
130-foot long remote controlled surface vessel with high level autonomous features
and Boeing3 a 51-foot unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV); both are designed for
months of service in combination of remote controlled and autonomous modes.
This study identifies the following primary objects to address:
- Improved sensor system, test current technologies and software and identify
capability gaps (today not as good as an officer on watch)
- Development of sensors, integration technology and software for recognising
and categorising different types of obstacles.





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