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Sailing Strategy Wind and Current

Year: 2010
Language: english
Author: Ian Proctor
Genre: Practical guide
Format: EPUB
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 177
Description: Sailing Strategy is considered a racing classic. Long out of print, it has champions who have been petitioning hard for its reissue. It is considered the best book ever written on the subject, and presents in detail techniques which are still completely relevant and applicable today. The author provides a very thorough analysis and explanation of how to read the wind and currents in all conditions on a racecourse, and explains how a good knowledge and understanding of their vagaries by the racer can be used advantageously to enhance boat performance on the racecourse, and carry both helm and crew further up the fleet.
For any racer wanting an 'edge' (as any competitive sailor will always be aiming for) the reissue of this long out of print gem will be a godsend. A modern classic and an ideal companion to the recently reissued Start to Win, Sailing Strategy also has a new Foreword by Bob Fisher, Yachting Correspondent for The Guardian, and columnist for Yachts and Yachting.
The reissue of this classic will be welcomed by novice and experienced racers alike.


1 Consulting the Oracle
2 The Way of Currents
3 Tides and Tidal Streams
4 Current and the Apparent Wind
5 Current Tactics
6 General Observations on Waves
7 Using Waves to Advantage
8 Wave Characteristics and Currents
9 Weather Reports, Barometers and Winds
10 Clouds and Sky Colours
11 A Typical Weather Cycle
12 Effect of Obstructions on the Wind
13 Local Thermal Winds
14 Gusts and Calm Patches
15 Winds Along the Shore
16 Natural Signs
17 Keeping a Record
1 Examples of a Pre-race Prediction
2 Table of Wave Velocities, Periods and Lengths
3 Table of Wind Velocity and Pressure
4 Some Wave Formulae


Sailing Strategy - Ian Proctor II


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