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Policy and Guidelines for Use of Oil Spill Dispersants (OSD) in Indian Waters

Year: 2009
Language: english
Author: Indian Coast Guard
Genre: Handbook
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 39
Description: This guideline document has been produced as an up-to-date guide on oil spill dispersants and is intended for the use of the resource and response agencies to respond to oil spills at sea and to the general readers who are interested in the marine environment protection issues. The specifications prescribed are arrived at, after undertaking various trials by the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Goa. More scientific information, together with supporting references, could be obtained from the NIO on this subject.
Oil spills can cause a lot of distress to the affected communities. It is important that oil spill response actions are explained to everyone involved, including those likely to be worst affected by the oil spill. The use of oil spill dispersants can sometimes be contentious because of misunderstandings about the principle of dispersing oil and the possible side effects that can be caused. A “net environmental benefit” will be achieved if the damage that might be caused to marine life by dispersed oil is less than the damage that would have been caused if the oil had come ashore or drifted near to particularly oil-sensitive resources.
A balanced and correct application requires issue of guidelines on the subject with respect to its use. Accordingly, the Indian Coast Guard being the Central Coordinating Authority for Oil Spill Response, had issued a document “ Guidelines and Policy for use of OSD in Indian Waters” in the year 2002. The advancements made in the development of dispersants has necessitated for review of the 2002 document. This document incorporates the specifications for the new generation dispersants and also various other inputs provided by the resource agencies from time to time. The Coast Guard acknowledges the assistance provided by the National Institute of Oceanography for drafting the necessary guidelines and providing the specifications for compliance.



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