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The building of a wooden ship

Year: 1918
Language: english
Author: Davis C.G.
Genre: Handbook
Publisher: Penna
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 135
Description: When the United States entered World War I the United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation ramped up construction of cargo ships for the war effort. Even though steel was the modern material from which to construct ships, the EFC decided to use the many shipyards still building ships of wood to quickly meet the need for more ships. To train new employees in how to build wooden ships, naval architect Charles Davis wrote The Building of a Wooden Ship. Instead of the poor quality copies of this book available from most publishers, ours was carefully scanned from an original copy at a resolution intended for print reproduction. The fold-out plan pages (not present in other available reprints) have been moved to the back of the book and scanned as multiple separate single-sided pages so they can be removed and reassembled if the reader should so choose.
Additional info: About the Author
Noted naval draftsman Charles G. Davis (July 22, 1870-January 22, 1959) has had a strong influence on modern model shipwrights. Experienced both as a sailor and as a designer of boats, his books on prototype and model ships are essential additions to the library of anyone planning to build ship models. Reprints of books by Davis such as The Ship Model Builder’s Apprentice, Ship Models: How to Build Them, and The Built-up Ship Model are still steady sellers even as they near their centenary. However, Davis’ book The Building of a Wooden Ship, created for the United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation, is much more scarce.



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