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Design of Rotating Electrical Machine

Year: 2008
Language: english
Author: Juha Pyrh¨onen, Tapani JokinenHanna, Niemel¨a
Genre: Technical book
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 541
Description: Electrical machines are almost entirely used in producing electricity, and there are very few
electricity-producing processes where rotating machines are not used. In such processes,
at least auxiliary motors are usually needed. In distributed energy systems, new machine
types play a considerable role: for instance, the era of permanent magnet machines has now
About half of all electricity produced globally is used in electric motors, and the share of
accurately controlled motor drives applications is increasing. Electrical drives provide probably
the best control properties for a wide variety of processes. The torque of an electric motor
may be controlled accurately, and the efficiencies of the power electronic and electromechanical
conversion processes are high. What is most important is that a controlled electric motor
drive may save considerable amounts of energy. In the future, electric drives will probably
play an important role also in the traction of cars and working machines. Because of the
large energy flows, electric drives have a significant impact on the environment. If drives
are poorly designed or used inefficiently, we burden our environment in vain. Environmental
threats give electrical engineers a good reason for designing new and efficient electric
Finland has a strong tradition in electric motors and drives. Lappeenranta University of
Technology and Helsinki University of Technology have found it necessary to maintain and
expand the instruction given in electric machines. The objective of this book is to provide students
in electrical engineering with an adequate basic knowledge of rotating electric machines,
for an understanding of the operating principles of these machines as well as developing elementary
skills in machine design. However, due to the limitations of this material, it is not
possible to include all the information required in electric machine design in a single book,
yet this material may serve as a manual for a machine designer in the early stages of his or
her career. The bibliographies at the end of chapters are intended as sources of references
and recommended background reading. The Finnish tradition of electrical machine design is
emphasized in this textbook by the important co-authorship of Professor Tapani Jokinen, who
has spent decades in developing the Finnish machine design profession. An important view of
electrical machine design is provided by Professor Val´eria Hrabovcov´a from Slovak Republic,
which also has a strong industrial tradition.





Rotating Electric Machine

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