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Mariner's Weather Handbook

Year: 1999
Language: english
Author: Dashew S., Dashew L.
Genre: Handbook
Publisher: Beowulf, Inc
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 978-0965802826
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 598
Description: The most complete guide to marine weather analysis, tactics, and storm avoidance. Teaches traditional forecasting based on current observed conditions, as well as the latest tools including facsimile charts and the Internet. An easy-to-use tool for sailors, power boaters, professional seamen, and anyone interested in the weather.
Additional info: From the Publisher
There's nothing that can make your time on the water more enjoyable or more painful than weather. This is just as true for day sailing as it is on long passages. Yet ever since the beginning of time understanding weather has been looked upon as a black art, too difficult for the average person to understand. We are here to tell you it isn't that hard-if you understand the basics of weather forecasting and tactics. That's where Mariner's Weather Handbook comes in. It provides you with the knowledge necessary to take advantage of weather rather than being at its mercy.
After more than 200,000 miles of sailing in the past 50 years, the authors, Steve and Linda Dashew , have learned that nothing is more important to safe, comfortable sailing than understanding weather-this is the best insurance for your time on the water.
In Mariner's Weather Handbook the Dashews de-mystify the science and magic of weather. Distilled down to a user-friendly 594-page handbook covering every aspect of marine meteorology, Mariner's Weather Handbook is engineered to be used as a learning tool ashore and a quick reference guide at sea-so you can make weather work for you, not just avoid bad conditions.
Filled with easy-to-use check lists, executive summaries, and more than 530 illustrations, Mariner's Weather Handbook will teach you to analyze present conditions and forecast the future for your patch of ocean. You then follow step-by -step instructions to develop the tactics for tropical and high-latitude weather systems( in both hemispheres).
Mariner's Weather Handbook stresses the importance of risk analysis -helping you to understand the unspoken hazards inherent in many government forecasts -and to identify and track developing weather before it becomes a problem . If you are concerned with the current rash of severe weather affecting racing and cruising yachts, this book will explain what is happening and how to take early action to avoid unnecessary weather risks.
Professional Secrets
Mariner's Weather Handbook brings together for the first time elements of forecasting and tactics employed by professional routers, forecasters, and the most successful ocean racing navigators. You will learn how to use a frontal passage to your advantage, while minimizing discomfort. Closely guarded secrets of upper atmosphere fax charts are revealed in detail.
You will learn how the Dashews' make their own forecasts using just the sky, sea, wind, and barometer as well as how they make the best use of facsimile charts and the Internet.
Learn Before You Leave
Of all the factors which go into successful cruising nothing is more important than understanding weather. This applies to day sails and ocean passages. When conditions are less than ideal, if you know the cause and the time frame in which weather is likely to improve, you can plan accordingly. With this data you will make faster, more comfortable and safer passages and your crew will feel more secure.
The time to learn is now, before you set sail. Use Mariner's Weather Handbook today to plot a clear course through your learning process .



Dashew S., Dashew L. Mariner's Weather Handbook, 1999.pdf

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