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Marine Electrical Practice

Year: 1990
Language: english
Author: G. O. Watson
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd; 6th Revised edition
Series: Marine Engineering Series
ISBN: 978-0-7506-1013-1
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR without errors
Number of pages: 275
Description: Marine Electrical Practice has been regarded as the standard work on the installation, maintenance and operation of marine electrical equipment since it was first published in 1957. Many changes have of course taken place since that time which have been reflected in the various new editions of this work. The greatest change which has taken place since publication of the fifth edition is the increasingly widespread use of programmable electronic systems (PESs). These range from small programmable controllers for small discrete systems through to multiple microprocessor systems for machinery monitoring, alarm and control. As well as a new chapter on PESs, this sixth edition includes an additional chapter on protection and discnmination, a new section on impressed current cathodic protection and its updated throughout to take account of recent technological advances.
This book was designed by the late G. O. Watson, with whom it will always be associated to meet the needs of engineers studying for certificates of competency and seagoing engineers and electricians. Members of BP Shipping Limited, of Harlow. Essex, have revised the book tor the sixth edition so that it will continue to meet those needs for many years to come.
Introduction • Insulation and temperature ratings of equipment • Protection and discrimination • AC generators • AC switchgear • Automatic voltage regulators • DC generators • DC switchgear • Distribution • Electric cables • Motors • Motor control gear • Semiconductors • Storage batteries and battery control gear • Lighting • Impressed current cathodic protection • Tankers • Programmable electronic systems • Electromagnetic compatibility • Insulation testing • Appendices. Graphical symbols • Regulations and regulatory organizations • Units and conversions • Index
Cover illustration courtesy of BP Shipping

Содержание / Contents

Marine Engineering Series
Marine Electrical Practice
Sixth Edition
G. O. Watson
Revised by BP Shipping
Preface to sixth edition v
Preface to fifth edition vi
1 Introduction 1
2 Insulation and temperature ratings of equipment 7
3 Protection and discrimination 14
4 AC generators 38
5 AC switchgear 58
6 Automatic voltage regulators 89
7 DC generators 101
8 DC switchgear 108
9 Distribution 118
10 Electric cables 137
11 Motors 164
12 Motor control gear 178
13 Semiconductors 195
14 Storage batteries and battery control gear 210
15 Lighting 228
16 Impressed current cathodic protection 239
17 Tankers 247
18 Programmable electronic systems 256
19 Electromagnetic compatibility 268
20 Insulation testing 275
Appendix A: Graphical symbols 284
Appendix B: Regulations and regulatory organizations 293
Appendix C: Units and conversions 295
Index 301


Marine Engineering now includes the field of offshore engineering as well as traditional seagoing ships. It is generally accepted by those with experience in this industry that electrical apparatus manufactured primarily for land use is not. as a result, suitable for installation in a marine environment Climatic conditions, vibration, the continual motion of a ship, temperature and conditions of usage are all contributory factors. Usually (although admittedly not in every case) apparatus ashore is not operated at a constant load, day and night, for long periods; in industry there are peak loads and off-peak load periods and these factors have considerable effect on the life of equipment. Factories may be remodelled as nc\s production lines are introduced or new machine tools become available, but in the marine industry the electrical equipment is expected to last the lifetime of the installation. During this time maximum reliability is important, particular!) in regard to those services which are vital for propulsion and safety.
Rating: 4.8 / 5 (Votes: 37)

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