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Marine Applications of Nuclear Power

Year: N/A
Language: english
Author: Aruvian Research
Genre: Technical book
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 576
Description: The scientific community of developed nations took up the challenge by identifying the two basic needs of energy support at sea. Firstly, the resource had to be long lasting and provide enough energy to meet a multitude of operational requirements in action as well as at peace. Secondly, the resource should have longer replenishment cycles thereby allowing longer range, independence of operation and more uptime to the naval asset at sea. The only resource which has succeeded in meeting all such conditions as also displayed ease of scaling up from built up capabilities is the nuclear energy option.
The adaptation of nuclear energy to power global naval assets has revolutionized the thought process behind this crucial industry. Aruvian’s R’search’s report on Marine Applications of Nuclear Power focuses on this crucial industry which is a sterling example of technology pushing the physical boundaries of business and defense. The report develops a comprehensive understanding of this subject as under:
a) A clear and comprehensive understanding of nuclear marine propulsion, particularly in terms of military and civilian use; including the various types of marine-type nuclear reactors.
b) The various applications of a nuclear navy. This includes an in-depth analysis of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, nuclear-powered submarines, and other nuclear-powered vessels.
c) An analysis of the benefits and challenges facing the development of marine applications of nuclear power.
d) Development over the years of the many types of naval nuclear reactors. These include the analysis of the S1W pressurized water reactor design, the large ship reactors, SIR/ S1G intermediate flux beryllium sodium cooled reactor, and many others.
e) An analysis of the naval reactors in the United States, including the designation system for reactors, and the various naval reactors and power plants. Nuclear reactors analyzed include the A1B reactor, A1W rector, C1W reactor, and many others. The analysis also includes an analysis of various types of nuclear-powered submarines owned by the United States.
f) Economic viability of a nuclear navy for the United States
g) A complete analysis of commercial nuclear ships and their reactor designs. h) Analysis of the nuclear navies around the world.
i) The emerging technologies of All-Electric Propulsion and the various stealth technologies in use are also analyzed. This includes an analysis of anti- submarine warfare as well as the use of free electron laser and the electromagnetic rail gun.
j) An in-depth analysis of nuclear-powered ships used for both civil and naval purposes.





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