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Sea Chanteys And Forecastle Songs At Mystic Seaport

Year: 1978
Language: english
Author: Frank S.M. at all.
Genre: History
Publisher: Folkways Records
Format: PDF
Quality: Photo of pages
Pages count: 22
Description: This album features classic sea shanties from the 19th century, "sung in the traditional manner, accompanied on historic 19th-century instruments, and recorded aboard historic sailing ships" at the Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum. Shanties were sung to make the heavy labor aboard merchant sailing vessels more coordinated, efficient, and lighter. "To hear a good yarn, and sing out a lively, rowdy chorus, was far more pleasurable" than listening to the Bosun yelling orders. Liner notes include background on chanties, song lyrics, and black-and-white photographs of sailors.
Additional info: Recorded aboard the historic ships Charles W. Morgan and Joseph Conrad.


A1 –Stuart Frank Hanging Johnny
A2 –Stuart Gillespie John Kanaka
A3 –Stuart Frank Reuben Ranzo
A4 –Stuart Gillespie The Wild Goose
A5 –Stuart Gillespie Roll The Cotton Down
A6 –Stuart Frank Blood Red Roses
A7 –Stuart Gillespie A Hundred Years Ago
A8 –Stuart Frank Tommy's Gone To Hilo
A9 –Stuart Gillespie Haul Away For Rosie-O
A10 –Stuart Gillespie & Stuart Frank Billy Riley/Sally Racket
A11 –Stuart Frank Good-Bye, Fare Ye Well
A12 –Stuart Gillespie Shenandoah
A13 –Stuart Frank Santa Anna
A14 –Stuart Frank Can't Ye Dance The Polka?
A15 –Stuart Gillespie Sally Brown
A16 –Stuart Frank One More Day
A17 –Stuart Frank Paddy On The Railway
B1 –Stuart Frank The Weary Whaling Grounds
B2 –Stuart Frank The Balaena
B3 –Stuart Gillespie The Handsome Cabin Boy
B4 –Stuart Frank Liverpool Ladies
B5 –Ellen Cohn Paddy And The Whale
B6 –Ellen Cohn Traditional Reel
B7 –Stuart Frank Mystic River Hornpipe
B8 –Stuart Frank Traditional Jig
B9 –Stuart Frank The Bold Harpooner
B10 –Stuart Gillespie The Coast Of Peru
B11 –Stuart Frank Blow Ye Winds Westerly
B12 –Stuart Frank Maid Of Amsterdam
B13 –Stuart Gillespie The Greenland Fishery
B14 –Ellen Cohn The Ten-Penny Bit
B15 –Ellen Cohn The Belfast Hornpipe
B16 –Ellen Cohn The Forester
B17 –Stuart Frank The Bold Benjamin


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