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Physics of the marine atmosphere

Year: 1965
Language: english
Author: van Mieghem J. (Eds.)
Genre: Handbook
Publisher: Academic Press
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 0125936508
Format: DjVu
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 430
Description: International Geophysics Series, Volume 7: Physics of the Marine Atmosphere discusses the influence exerted by the sea surface on the properties of the atmosphere as well as on atmospheric processes of small and medium scale. This book is composed of six chapters that specifically consider the exchange occurring in the boundary layer between ocean and atmosphere. The opening chapters deal with the particular difficulties inherent in meteorological measurements at sea. The remaining chapters describe the flow characteristics, thermodynamics, chemistry, electricity, and radioactivity of the marine atmosphere. Emphasis is placed on the physical approach rather than on geographical aspects and those of application. A discussion of the empirical facts is followed by theoretical interpretation.
Geophysicists, theoreticians, and scientists of the allied fields will find this book invaluable.


Table of Contents
1. Introduction and Basic Principles
2. Meteorological Observations and Measurements at Sea
2.1 Basic Problems
2.2 Operational Questions
2.3 Review of Instruments and Methods
3. Composition and Properties of the Marine Atmosphere
3.1 General Considerations
3.2 Atmospheric Nuclei above the Oceans
3.3 Chemistry of the Marine Atmosphere
3.4 Electricity and Radioactivity in the Marine Atmosphere
4. Flow Characteristics of the Marine Atmosphere
4.1 General Character of the Sea Surface as Lower Boundary of an Air Flow
4.2 Geometry of the Sea Surface
4.3 The Wind Field in the First Few Meters over the Sea Surface
4.4 The Wind Structure in the Maritime Friction Layer
4.5 Time Variations of Air Flow above the Sea Surface
5. Thermodynamic Processes in the Marine Atmosphere
5.1 The Temperature of the Sea Surface
5.2 The Temperature and Moisture Field in the First Few Meters above the Sea Surface
5.3 Thermodynamic Processes of Medium Scale in the Marine Atmosphere
5.4 Time Variations of Air Temperature and Humidity
6. Concluding Remarks
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Author Index
Subject Index


van Mieghem J. (Eds.) Physics of the marine atmosphere, 1965.djvu


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