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The Guinness Book of Ships and Shipping - Facts & Feats

Year: 1983
Language: english
Author: Hartman T.
Genre: History
Publisher: Sterling
ISBN: 0851122698
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 272
Description: The Guinness Book of Ships and Shipping facts and Feats completes the series of Guinness books on the general theme of transport. But unlike its companion volumes concerned with travel by rail, road and air, this book necessarily covers a far wider field, the others at least having the advantage of a reasonable definite starting point. Confronted with the task which had no such well defined boundaries, the author's general brief was to put in anything which he thought might settle an argument about ships. Inevitable it can be said that the result is both selective and subjective, but nevertheless it is hoped that the answer to most of the questions anyone might reasonably ask about ships will be found herein. The book covers ancient and modern ships, merchant ships and warships, explorers and inventors, battles and shipwrecks, and for good measure, a wealth of fascinating and, it could be said, useless information as well. It also includes two invaluable appendices, one describing the general characteristics of over 150 types of vessel, from the Actuaire to the Zulu, the other explaining in simple English the multitude of baffling terms which pepper the vocabulary of the seasoned seadog.



Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 5)

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