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Conway Maritime Press - Warship 1997-1998

Year: 1997
Language: english
Author: McLean D., Preston A.(ed.)
Genre: Periodical (magazine)
Publisher: Conway Maritime Press
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 0851777228
Format: PDF
Quality: Photo of pages
Pages count: 216
Description: This annual publication includes a wide range of feature articles devoted to the design, development and service history of the world's fighting ships. The section at the end of the main feature articles, entitled "Naval Notes", is devoted to the backwaters of naval history. The "Navy Year in Review" is a summary of the important events and developments that have taken place in the preceeding year. "Book Reviews" includes coverage of all the significant books on naval history to have appeared in the previous year, and represents a comprehensive service.


Ruling the Waves, by Colin Jones.
Kite Balloons in the US Navy, 1915-1922, by R.D.Layman
Armstrong's Unbuilt Warships, by Peter Brook
Cruisers for the Royal Navy: The 1932-42 Programmes, by George L. Moore
Sir Stanley V Goodall, KCB, OBE, RCNC, by Eur Ing David K. Brown, RCNC
The German Navy from Versailles to Hitler, by George Paloczi-Horvath
The Origins of the French 8,000-tonne Cruisers of 1922, by John Jordan
The Canadian Naval Aviation Experience: The Ships, Aircraft and Operations, 1944-69. Part 4 HMCS Bonaventure: Last of the Breed, by Thomas G. Lynch
Operation "Deadlight", by David Miller
German TA Torpedo Boats at War, by Pierre Hervieux
HMS Tirade and the Sinking of UC-55, by M W Williams
The Tragic Loss of HMS Curacoa, by Peter Kelly
Eight Six-inch Guns in Pairs: The Leander and Sydney Class Cruisers, by Keith McBride
Warship Notes
Naval Books of the Year
The Naval Year in Review, by Antony Preston
Warship Gallery.



McLean D., Preston A.(ed.) Conway Maritime Press - Warship 1997-1998.pdf


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