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MEP. Marine Engineering Practice - Vol.1 Part.8 - Marine Steam Turbine

Year: 201x
Language: english
Author: R.Coats, C.Eng
Genre: Practical guide
Publisher: Institute of Marine Engineers
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR without errors
Pages count: 107
Description: This Part is an attempt to review a wide range of marine turbine
machinery. Of necessity, many interesting designs have had to be omitted.
It has not been thought necessary to delve too deeply into the past, as the
old designs have already been adequately covered.·
Many turbines of these older types are still undoubtedly in good service,
but, in the main, the illustrations in the present work will show more recent
designs. It is hoped that the student or the operator of the older type of
machinery will refer to the earlier book· for relevant information.
It is hoped that the ground covered, and particularly the section on the
operating aspects of the machinery will be of real practical value, and that.
the supplementary information given in the abstracts from important papers
on steam turbine machinery will provide a good stimulus for further study.



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