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Tug Boats & Barges Guide

Year: 2020
Language: english
Author: ReCAAP ISC
Genre: Technical book
Publisher: Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia
Edition: 1st ed.
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 40
Description: The purpose of this guide is to capture tips, guidelines, reporting procedures and
contact details for tug boat owners, operators and crew in avoiding hijacking and
robbery onboard tug boats and barges. The guide contains inputs and experience of
tug boat owners, operators and masters whose vessels had been robbed or hijacked;
and modus operandi of the robbers and hijackers. In planning a passage, the guide
highlights the responsibilities of the ship owner, ship master and crew at the various
phases: the pre-sailing, sailing and post incident reporting/follow-up phases.
In past four years (2008-2011), it was observed that more tug boats and barges
had been targets of robbery and hijacking in certain locations of Asia. The inherent
characteristics and activities of tug boats towing barges had made these vessels
relatively more vulnerable, particularly the low freeboard, slow speed of a tug boat
which on an average moving between 8-10 knots, small number of crew onboard a
tug boat, and unmanned barges with cargoes and logistic items onboard.
As the annual number of incidents involving tug boats boarded by pirates / robbers
has shown an upward trend between 2009 and 2011, the ReCAAP Information
Sharing Centre (ISC) and the Information Fusion Centre (IFC) had taken the initiative
to jointly produce a poster entitled “Guidelines for Tug Boats and Barges Against
Piracy and Sea Robbery”(see below) which was launched on 12 January 2012. The
poster outlines the factors and risks that tug boat’s owners, masters and crew need
to consider during navigation, advices on how to minimize risks and protection
measures to adopt to avoid, deter and delay boarding by perpetrators. The poster
contains the reporting procedures and contact details of coastal states and the
relevant authorities in the event that the tug boats and barges were approached by
suspicious boats or boarded.



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