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Investigation of Adapting Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

Year: 1955
Language: english
Author: Carl Richard Brandt
Genre: Research papers
Publisher: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages + text layer
Pages count: 172
Description: This thesis investigates the feasibility of adapting Naval
Architecture and Marine Engineering design processes to digital computer
Two problems, the determination of critical whirling frequencies
of propeller shafts and the determination ^f stresses in a transverse web
the frame is programmed for a digital computer. A detailed explanation of
the programs and a discussion of the methods of approach and difficulties
encountered in adapting the solutions of these problems to a digital
the computer is included. The most important results obtained from programming
these problems are experience with and knowledge of digital computers.
Applying this knowledge and experience to the general field of naval
architecture the following conclusions and recommendations are presented!
Conclusions :
a. Digital computers are applicable to naval architecture problems.
b. The average naval architect has sufficient background to the program
a digital computer.
c. A programmer should have a complete engineering understanding
of the problem and some familiarity with numerical methods of
mathematical processes.
d. In general the limitations imposed by the computer on a
the problem is no more restrictive than those imposed by manual
e. The digital computer users should be able to handle numbers
usually encountered in engineering problems.
Recommendations :
a. Digital computer should be used in naval architecture,
b. Digital computers are suited for theses and research problems.
c. Any future thesis should only consider the computer as an aid
in the solution of a specific problem and not general applicability
of the computer.
d. For engineering applications the programmer should have; (a) a
good engineering understanding of his field; (b) knowledge of
numerical methods of mathematical processes; (c) organizational



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