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Ballast Water Management Plan [template]

Year: 202x
Language: english
Author: ABS
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: Multiple
Description: Template of Ship's Ballast Water Management Plan [sample].

To adhere to responsible ballast water management standards in the IMO’s Ballast Water Management Convention,
shipowners must do the following:
- Develop a ballast water management plan
- Select and install a treatment system
- Train personnel to operate their chosen system
The vessel is to maintain a Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP) on board for use by the vessel’s Master,
crew, and the port State authorities.
The following sections of a BWMP, based on IMO Resolution MEPC.127(53) “Guidelines for ballast water management and development of ballast water management plans (G4)”, are provided to assist in the development of a vessel-specific BWMP where in instances a treatment system is used for ballast water
management operations. The BWMP has been written in English, the working language of the vessel.
(If the language used is not English, French or Spanish, a translation into one of these languages is to be made.)


File Listing For: [*** \BWMP_Template] on 01/4/2021
BWM Guide June 2020.pdf [1 MB]
BWM Insights 2020.pdf [383 KB]
BWMP Template Instructions.pdf [119 KB]
BWMP Template.docx [804 KB]
BWT Guide June 2020.pdf [6 MB]
Marine_Environmental_BWM_Technology_Evaluation_Service_Cutsheet.pdf [827 KB]
Pandemic Adds Pressure To Compliance With US and IMO.pdf [188 KB]


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