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Guidelines for Digital Smart Ships

Year: 2021
Language: english
Author: ClassNK
Genre: Guide
Publisher: ClassNk
Edition: 2.1
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 20
Description: The utilisation of Big Data is an issue currently being tackled worldwide not only by the maritime industry but by all industries. As part of its efforts, the maritime industry has already begun sharing and utilising data transferred from ships to shore-based facilities, which in turn has aided in the development of many innovative technologies.
By proactively providing certification services for these innovations and promoting their spread and development, ClassNK strives to support the preservation of the marine environment, further improve safety at sea, and support the sustainable development referred to in the SDGs. Therefore, the “Innovation Endorsement” certification service which targets innovative digital technology is being launched in line with this policy.
For ships applying digital technologies such as various types of monitoring and autonomous navigation (hereinafter referred to as “digital smart ships”), ClassNK decided to publish its Guidelines for Digital Smart Ships which specifies the relevant class notation that may be affixed to the classification characters of ships provided with smart systems (i.e. systems utilising digital technologies) that are in accordance with existing ClassNK Rules and Guidance. In addition, for ships provided with smart systems utilising innovative technologies not yet covered in this Guidelines, details are also specified for relevant class notation which may be affixed to classification characters of such ships in accordance with the types of smart systems they are using.
ClassNK hopes that this Guidelines will be a positive contribution to current efforts being undertaken worldwide by the maritime industry not only for improving current ship operations but also for furthering the development of innovative technologies.



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