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The venturesome voyages of Captain Voss

Year: 1977
Language: english
Author: Voss John Claus
Genre: Textbook
Edition: Third
ISBN: 0-88826-066-0
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 364
Description: John (sometimes "Jack") Claus Voss (born Johannes Claus Vos; 1858–1922) was a Canadian sailor best known for sailing around the world in a modified dug-out canoe he named Tilikum (boat) ("Friend" in Chinook jargon). He started in 1901 with his friend Norman Luxton and ending alone in 1904. He chronicled this and other notable voyages in The Venturesome Voyages of Captain Voss.
"Captain J. C. Voss was undoubtedly a remarkable man and perhaps the finest
small craft sailor of modern times.
The voyage around the world of TILIKUM, the 38 foot converted
dugout canoe, is legendary. No less incredible were his adventures with
the SEA QUEEN, a 19 foot yawl, in the rage of a hurricane... "it almost
passes belief that after it, Voss could have sailed her home/' A classic book
on ocean voyaging.



The venturesome voyages of Captain Voss


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