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USS Iowa (BB 61) (Warship's Data 3)

Year: 1986
Language: english
Author: Robert F. Sumrall (Editor)
Genre: History
Publisher: Pictorial Histories Publishing
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 64
Description: The USS IOWA (BB 61) was the lead ship of a class of six fast battleships ordered by the U.S. Navy for service during Work! War II. Only four were completed and they still exist today. As of the date of this publication the IOWA (BB 61), NEW JERSEY (BB 62). and MISSOURI (BB 63) are in commission after being extensively modernized. The activation and modernization of the WISCONSIN (BB 64) is underway and she is scheduled to be commissioned in 1988.
The IOWAs are the most powerful battleships built by the United Slates and many feel that they are the most handsome vessels ever designed. Except for four battleships which are preserved as memorials in the United States. The IOWAs are the sole survivors of a great fleet of battleships built by all of the major naval powers around the world.


A Pictorial Histories Publication Warship's Data 3 - USS Iowa (BB 61). USS IOWA BB61 by Robert F. Sumrall and line drawings by Thomas F. Walkowiak contains 54 pages, 94 photos, profile line drawings, and a full color center spread.


USS Iowa BB-61 (Warship's Data 3).pdf


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