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Shipping Law And Carriage Of Cargo By Sea

Year: 2023
Language: english
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Description: Law relating to Ships, Goods and carriage of goods by sea, Incoterms, Bills of Lading, Charterparties, Marine insurance,
What you'll learn
Legal aspects of a sea carriage
Which Incoterm to chose for your cargo carriage
What to look out for in your contract with the shipper/ carrier or cargo owner
How important is your Bill of lading and Charterparty agreement
International maritime conventions including Hague Visby Rules
Salvage, Ship wreck, Towage, Collision, SCOPIC Clause, General average
What are territorial waters, EEZ and high seas (Zones of the Ocean)
Incoterms 2020 and how to select the right Incoterm
Marine Insurance
Conditions and Warranties in Marine Insurance
P&I Club and Lloyds Insurance Market
Law relating to Collision at sea, Towage and Wreck Removal
Himalaya Clause, Limitation of Liability of maritime claims and LLMC Convention
York Antwerp Rules on General Average
An interest in learning law relating to international trade and shipping
Prior knowledge of law is not required. This course explains the basics
This Course teaches the Legal aspects of Carriage of Goods by Sea and important aspects of Maritime Law.Students will learnShip registries, nationality of ships, importance of the flag on the ship, open registriesZones of waters What is territorial waters, EEZ and high seasConditions and Warranties in Marine InsuranceMarine Insurance Market- P&I Clubs and Llyods Insurance MarketCharterparty agreements, Types and bareboat charterpartyBills of Lading and its importance as a negotiable documentDuties of Carrier in a contract of AffreightmentIncoterms 2020 and how to select the Incoterm suitable for your carriageInternational conventions on the carriage of Goods- Hague Visby RulesRules of Salvage, Salvage Convention and SCOPIC. Importance of SCOPIC ClauseLaw relating to Towage, Convention on Collision, Wreck Removal Himalaya Clause to exclude third parties from liabilitiesLimitation of Liability of maritime claims and LLMC ConventionRules of General Average- York Antwerp Rules on General AverageThis Course is designed for persons who want to understand the legal aspects of a charterparty or contract o affreightment and carriage of goods by sea. This course will also benefit lawyers and law students who want to learn shipping Law and persons working in shipping companies.Knowledge of Law is preferred but not required.


Section 1: Charterparty agreement
Lecture 1 What is a charterparty?
Section 2: Introduction
Lecture 2 Nationality and Ocean Zones
Lecture 3 Sources of Shipping Law
Section 3: Incoterms
Lecture 4 Incoterms 2020
Section 4: Charterparties
Lecture 5 Charterparties
Section 5: Bill of lading
Lecture 6 Bill of Lading
Section 6: Hague Visby Rules and other international conventions on carriage of good by sea
Lecture 7 Introduction to Conventions on Carriage of Goods by Sea
Lecture 8 Part 2
Lecture 9 Part 3 HV
Section 7: Limitation of Liability
Lecture 10 Limitation of Liability in maritime claims
Section 8: General Average
Lecture 11 General Average and York Antwerp Rules
Section 9: Salvage and SCOPIC Clause
Lecture 12 Salvage under Salvage Convention 1989 and Llyods Open Forum Scopic Clause
Section 10: Towage, Collision and Wreck Removal
Lecture 13 Towage, Collision and Wreck Removal and its laws
Section 11: Himalaya Clause
Lecture 14 Himalaya Clause Adler v Dickson
Section 12: Marine Insurance
Lecture 15 Marine Insurance, Llyods Market, P&IClub, Types of Losses and Deviation
Lecture 16 Warranties
Lecture 17 Cendor MOPU case on inherent vice
Section 13: BOOKS
Lecture 18 relevant books
Shipping lawyers,Students intending to enroll for Masters in Maritime Law,Persons involved in Logistics and Shipping Companies,Entrepreneurs who transport cargo via Sea,Anyone who wants to learn the legal aspects of a sea carriage




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