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Year: 2012
Language: english
Author: Eric Murdoch
Genre: Руководство
Publisher: The Standard
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Number of pages: 40
Description: Управление судном больше искусство, чем наука. introduction
Ship handling is an art rather than a science. However, a ship handler who
knows the science will be better at his art. Knowledge of the science will
enable easy identification of a ship’s manoeuvring characteristics and quick
evaluation of the skills needed for control. A ship handler needs to understand
what is happening to his ship and, more importantly, what will happen a short
time into the future. This knowledge is essential in a port environment when a
ship encounters close quarter situations, narrow channels and the effects of
cross-winds, tides and currents. The tide of course affects the water flow but
the change in water level can also change the ship’s side area exposed to the
wind when approaching berths and jetties.
The culmination of any voyage is usually the controlled coming alongside of
the ship to a stationary berth or jetty. Berthing requires precise and gentle
control if the ship is not to damage the berth. Such precise control is
demonstrated every day by ship handlers in ports all over the world. Most
ships dock safely, most of the time – a testament to the skill and ability of
pilots, masters, bridge team members, deck and engine personnel – but the
outcome of a manoeuvre is not always successful. Ships can, and do, run
aground, demolish jetties, hit the berth and collide with other ships with
alarming frequency, giving rise to loss of life, environmental pollution and
property damage. The master should never rely solely on the pilot’s actions to
berth his ship. The master must always remain in full control of the operation.
The purpose of this guide is to provide some insight into what can go wrong
and why; why ships are designed the way they are; why they handle the way
they do; and how to berth them. In the final chapter, there is advice on
pilotage. On its own, the guide will not teach you how to become a ship
handler, but it does provide background material to help a good ship handler
become a better one.
Throughout the berthing examples, it has been assumed that the ship has
a single right-handed propeller and that bulk carriers and tankers have their
accommodation aft. The guide is unable to cover all the different ship types.
Masters must become acquainted with their own ship configurations.


01 Introduction 02
02 Golden rules of berthing 03
03 Dock damage and P&I claims 05
04 Ship factors that affect manoeuvring 10
05 Berthing in wind 14
06 Effect of current 19
07 Hydrodynamic effects 21
08 Berthing without tugs 24
09 Berthing with tugs 27
10 Berthing with anchors 29
11 Tugs and pilots – legal issues 30
12 Master/pilot relationship 32
(Incorporating the ICS/Intertanko/OCIMF Guide)
Rating: 4.9 / 5 (Votes: 59)
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