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Admiralty Digital Catalogue v.1.6.5 + update + CUMULATIVE LIST OF ADMIRALTY NOTICES, etc

Year: 2012
Version: 1.6.5
Developer: ukho
Compatibility with Windows7: yes
To ensure trouble-free functioning, the following minimum requirements should be met:
Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2000 (Operating systems should have the most recent Service Pack installed)
Screen resolution 1024 by 768 pixels
Processor 2 GHz
512 MB memory
200 MB free disk space for the installation
Internet access for updating
Localization: english
Description: The latest version of the Catalogue, which includes up to date product information and a comprehensive User Guide can be downloaded here - file size approximately 55 Mb).
The Admiralty Digital Catalogue provides a comprehensive and up to date reference in graphical and textual form of the range of Admiralty products and services, including Standard Navigational Charts and Publications, and the AVCS, ARCS and Admiralty ECDIS Services.
In addition to the standard products, the Admiralty Digital Catalogue now contains Temporary & Preliminary Notices to Mariners (T&P NMs) and Data Assessment Notes. Click here to see a demonstration of this new functionality.
The Catalogue features comprehensive search functionality by product type, scale or user defined route with weekly updates available online to keep you fully up to date.
Additional info: INSTALLATION
FROM THE AVCS UTILITIES CD - The installer should start automatically upon insertion of the CD. If it does not, you can start it by running the file ‘Setup.exe’ in the root of the Utilities CD (e.g. ‘D:Setup.exe’ if your CD drive is ‘D’). Follow the instructions displayed to install the Admiralty Digital Catalogue.
FROM DOWNLOADED ZIP FILE – Navigate to the file location and double click the ‘setup.exe’ file in the zip folder. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen. The download also contains the latest catalogue held in the ‘catalogue’ folder. To update, run the Admiralty Digital Catalogue and select File – Catalogue – Load Catalogue From Disk and navigate to the ACCatalogs.zip file in the catalogue folder.
Any previously installed version of the Admiralty Digital Catalogue must be closed and removed prior to the installation of the new version. To remove the program select Start – Settings – Control Panel – Add/Remove Programs and locate the Admiralty Digital Catalogue to uninstall.
Version 1.6
This update file is designed for the 1.6 version of the Admiralty Digital Catalogue and will not work with older versions of the Catalogue. Please ensure that you have installed the new version of the Catalogue before using this file. The version number of the installed Catalogue is shown in File – About Admiralty Digital Catalogue within the Catalogue.
В дополнении прикреплены последние издания нотисов и CUMULATIVE LIST OF ADMIRALTY NOTICES TO MARINERS, с помощью которых используя компьютер в считанные секунды легко проверить Вашего предшественника как добросовестно он корректировал карты и пособия или все нужно за него переделывать.
Раздача вечером.




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