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Gard Guidance on Bills of Lading

Year: 2011
Language: english
Author: Gard AS
Publisher: Gard AS
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR without errors
Number of pages: 54
Description: The bill of lading has its origins in the trade and carriage of goods by sea hundreds of years ago. It has since developed into a very important legal document, evidencing the carrier’s receipt of the goods, the terms of the contract of carriage and the right to possession of the goods. With this important role, comes problems, one of which is the required presentation of an original bill of lading to take delivery of the cargo. Although the practice of paperless trading is developing rapidly, Masters will be burdened, for many years to come, with the responsibility of signing and authorising signature of bills of lading and delivering cargo against the same.
The purpose of this publication is to act as a practical reference guide and to assist the Master in avoiding pitfalls and problems. It is hoped that readers other than the Master will also find this publication useful. It is written in relatively simple and clear terms for the benefit of those whose first language is not English. It is not intended as a comprehensive reference work or to replace any corporate specific guidance. Should the Master find that there is a contradiction or significant difference between this guidance and that of the Master’s Company, he is advised to resolve such issues with the Company before taking action.
Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 16)

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