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Electrical Engineering – Learn About Electronics

Year: 2017
Version: 1.0.0
Developer: Up Studio Apps
Platform: Android
System Requirements: Android 4.1+
Localization: english
Crack: N/A
Description: Free application for learning something new about electrical engineering and to increase engineering skills in ac dc power, electronic and magnetism in general. Find interesting article, read news, chat with people of same interest or just test your knowledge with quiz. Now you can learn more about semiconductor, ac dc, electrons or ohm and Kirchhoff law. Learn the importance of diode and resistance as circuit part. This is must have electronics application for all engineer.
In any case, electrical engineering app aims to help increase your skills for better understanding current flow, circuit part, voltage, electrons with following features and topics:
★ Get new knowledge about electrical engineering
★ Find news article form the technology area every day
★ Chat with people of the same interest
★ Take quiz and test your knowledge
With this free application improve your engineering skills, enhance knowledge and finally unlock electrical material and recycling of electronic products category.


Everything that interests you about this subject can be read and learn in the following categories:
1. Basic Electronic Overview
- Introduction to electronics
- History of electronic engineering
- Analog electronics
- Digital electronics
- Microelectronics
- Circuit design
- Integrated circuit
- Optoelectronics
- Semiconductor device
- Embedded system
2. An introduction to electronics
- Voltage
- Electric current
- Frequency
- Direct current
- Alternating current
- Kirchhoff's circuit laws
3. Electronic component
- What is electronic component?
- Classification electronic components
- Diodes
- Transistors
- Vacuum tube
- Integrated circuits
- Optoelectronics
- Resistor
- Sensor
- Transformer
4. Digital Electronics
- What are Digital Electronics?
- History of Digital Electronics
- Properties
- Construction of Digital Electronics
- Design of Digital Electronics
- Structure of digital systems
- Combinational vs. Sequential
- Synchronous systems
- Asynchronous systems
- Register transfer systems
- Computer design
5. Voltage and current control in consumer electronic
- Consumer electronics
- History of consumer electronics
- Power electronics
- Consumer Electronics Control
- DC AC converters (inverters)
- Single-phase half-bridge inverter
- Single-phase full-bridge inverter
- Three-phase voltage source inverter
- Current source inverters
- Multilevel inverters
6. Energy Electronics
- Electric power distribution
- History of electric power transmission
- Introduction of the transformer
- Generation and transmission
- Distribution overview
- Primary distribution
- Secondary distribution
- Regional variations
7. Electrical material
- Metal
- Semimetal
- Semiconductor
- Dielectric
- Paramagnetism
- Electrical conductor
8. Recycling of electronic products
- Electronic waste
- Amount of electronic waste worldwide
- Global trade issues
- Trade
- Guiyu
- Environmental impact
- Recycling
- Consumer awareness efforts
- Processing techniques
- Benefits of recycling


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