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Cook Ukraine Yevhen Volkov
Master AHTS DP mifolog
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Motorman(Welding and Fitter skills),3contracts,from800usd‏ CrewManager
3rd-4th Officer,bulk fleet,tanker,from1000usd,panama passport,engl.good‏ CrewManager
AB,cranes-derricks experience,reefer-dry cargo fleet‏ CrewManager
Motorman1kl,reef-dry cargo fleet,eng.on a rank‏ CrewManager
Fitter,Welder,OS,will perform welding at all difficulty‏ CrewManager
3rd Off,Junior Off,Apprentice Navigator,Deck Cadet,engl good, from350usd‏ CrewManager
Able Seaman,Crane Driver,max dwt24000t,eng good‏ CrewManager
Ship's Cook,ABCook,US-Schengen visas,S.Books A&B,Netherland‏ CrewManager
Chief El.Engineer,from 1500usd,cont,ro-ro,b/c,reef‏ CrewManager
Ordinary Seaman d/c,fishing fleet from700usd,engl good‏ CrewManager
Chief Cook(about 5years exp.in rank)ro-ro,reefer,g/c,d/c fleets‏ CrewManager
AB,Welder,Motorman1kl,min from1000usd,US Visa valid until 31.08.16‏ CrewManager
2nd Mate d/c eng.good min1600usd Belize End.‏ CrewManager
2nd-3rd Officer/Cargo Officer from1600usd,dry/c,container fleet,eng good‏ CrewManager
3rd-4th Officer,tanker,bulk fleet,panama passport,from1200usd, engl.good‏ CrewManager
2nd(Single) Eng,bulk,container,ro-ro fleets,USA Visa,S.Books-A&B, Luxemburg,Marshals,eng.fluent‏ CrewManager
Mess Boy,min.salary 400USD,have experience in rank‏ CrewManager
Ordinary Seaman,Deck Cadet from400usd,eng.very good‏ CrewManager
2nd Engineer without limits,mlp,dc,ahts vessels,from2000usd,engl.good‏ CrewManager
Motorman(Welding and Fitter skills),3contracts,from700usd‏ CrewManager
Able Seaman A/B,welding skills from 800usd eng good‏ CrewManager
Able seaman donbass11
Где можно сейчас устроится электромехаником в Новороссийске? Диман77

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