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ShipManager-88 - Loading/Unloading Program for 57000 DWT bulkcarrier

Year: 2009
Version: 4.0.3
Developer: Techmarine Co., Ltd.
Platform: Windows
Windows7 compatibility: yes
Localization: english
Crack: Not needed
Description: Leading the trend of shipboard calculation, data processing, ship shore communication and vessel automation, Techmarine Co., Ltd., provides you with modern microprocessor-based loading computer, "SHIP MANAGER", which carries extremely powerful loading calculation and other software on standard general purpose computer.
The whole system was designed to be used by non-computer oriented user such as ship's officers and/or shore based cargo planners, and no specific knowledge about computer is required to run the system.
Additional info: Copy SM directory on your computer and run Shipmana.exe or sequence.exe (Loading/Unloading Sequence program above to see the sequence of cargo loading and discharging step by step.)

Major functions

This material explain the full aspects of "SHIP MANAGER" loading programs, the major functions of which are as follows :
1. Automatic calculation
2. Displacement & Deadweight Calculation.
3. Trim & Drafts (fore, mean, aft) calculation.
4. Draft (fore, aft and mean), correction due to difference of sea water density.
5. Heeling angle calculation.
6. Trim and heeling adjustment by using two pairs of fwd, and aft. Tanks
7. Propeller immersion calculation.
8. Shear force and bending moment at the prescribed frame points with visual.
9. Maximum values of bending moment and shear force with their actual position
10. Displacement and Deadweight calculation based on actual Drafts Physically measured on draft
11. Static stability (KMT, KG, GGo, GoM) Calculation.
12. Intact stability calculation including GoM according to IMO A.749(18)
13. Free surface moment (Maximum / Actual).
14. SWBM and SF in the hold flooded condition cargo hold acc. to IACS UR S17.
15. Grain Stability
16. Loading / Unloading Sequence according to IACS UR S1A
Initial stage setting
Can read from Loading condition file
Sequence Report
Each steps draft, Trim, GM check
Each steps shear force/bending moment check
Sequence diagram

A few screenshots

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