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Admiralty e-Navigator Planning Station

Year: 2015
Version: 3.4
Developer: UKHO
Platform: Windows
System Requirements: To successfully install and operate e-Navigator Planning Station, please ensure that you have the following recommended computer and hardware specification.
CPU Pentium IV or later
Memory 512MB as a minimum, 1 GB recommended
Monitor 1280 x 1084 resolution
Disk space 300 MB
USB port V1.2 compatible or later
Printer Colour Printer
Memory Stick 1 GB+ recommended
CD Drive CD-ROM writer
Note: When viewing AVCS (ENC) charts in Planning Station it is recommended that the display screen resolution is at least 1280 x 1024 pixels. At lower resolutions, the figures representing soundings and contours will appear to be distorted.
e-Navigator Planning Station is designed to be used with the following operating systems:
• Windows XP with Service Pack 3 installed
• Windows 7.0 32 bit & Windows 7.0 64 bit
Note: Planning Station is designed to be compatible with the Operating Systems supported by Microsoft.
Localization: english
Crack: N/A
Description: ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Planning Station is a back-of-bridge PC application that helps bridge crews to view, order and manage world-leading ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions on board.
Key features of e-Navigator Planning Station include:
​​Digital catalogue for easy ordering and management of world-leading ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions.
Efficient electronic updates for digital products, supporting ongoing safety and compliance.
An enhanced viewing platform that allows bridge crews to overlay digital products such as ADP over AVCS and ARCS. By viewing digital products on one screen, bridge crews can make quicker, more informed voyage planning decisions.
Additional info: e-Navigator Planning Station gives bridge crews access to a catalogue of the widest range of SOLAS-compliant charts and publications available. This includes all the official charts and reference publications that are available from the ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions portfolio.​


e-Navigator Planning Station


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