skipper3362 16-Aug-2019 12:34
you dont want to understand thats different
in therory is what you sayed correst but you are on a torrent system, thats meenas that the sever also download you file and keep it there for sharing for wenn you not there , so do other also
so that could mean that from the 7 download only 3 ore 4 came from your computer so the site counts only that traffic for you and not from the other users
if have here more then 300 files on line from the site i have a outgoing trafic from 10 till 25gb a day to keep the files avilibel.
also my files i post there more then 300 now are shared by other
so there is the difference in how most download and the diferance in downloading mb in traffic
skipper3362 16-Aug-2019 15:34
somal mistake not 300 but more than 3000 files
and that sharing thru other is not somthing from the site but
that is the torrent system it self, and you can not blame the site for it
zxc 16-Aug-2019 17:47
1. Disable DHT in your profile
2. Disable DHT and peer Exchange in your torrent client
3. Create new release and attach the torrent file with a private flag
If you still have traffic leakage please provide me some screenshots

click me

T flag means that you are seeding file via udp protocol. We don't use udp protocol. Someone connect to you through opentbittorrent
Step №3 will allow you to disable the openbittorrent and distribute files via our tracker only
QuatroS8 ® 21-Aug-2019 11:41
A Pictures tells more than a thousand words...
My first downlaod today:

Report from my profile on my first download today:

Real report from my client:

Do you see the difference between all four pictures??
GOOGLE BOT 21-Aug-2019 14:43
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