QuatroS8 ® 11-Aug-2019 23:54
Stuff hi,
Can you please help me to fix my problem with upload speed & seeding report on your site?!
I can see that users from your site download from my sources but your tracker don't record everything! For one example is my last download "Thomas Stowage - Captain G.M. Pepper [2018, PDF]" where I seed more then 124Mb, but tracker record only 98Mb Плачет
I try different torrent clients nevertheless I know that problem is not on my side but anyway.
Thx & Br,Q
P.S. I noticed just now that my upload Cruising World - US Edition (July) - Bonnier Corporation
[2019, PDF]
which I seed more then 993 Mb is tracked 0 Mb Нельзя!!! ?!?!
QuatroS8 ® 12-Aug-2019 01:32
Look right now someone downloading from me with slow connection 16-30Kb and report is the same as before (4MB uploaded with 2Kb)
QuatroS8 ® 14-Aug-2019 11:51
Hi Stuff,
I'm still waiting on your answer!
Can I ask why you delite pic of my report from client??
Thx & BR,Q
QuatroS8 ® 14-Aug-2019 12:11
Now I have also problem with BBCode on your site!
I can't post img source to show you result of my upload report.
GOOGLE BOT 14-Aug-2019 14:23
skipper3362 15-Aug-2019 19:14
easy up a bit
this is not a profesional company with a helpdesk on 24/7 standby
he is also how is dont it him self and have to find thinks out of the years , so it is not perfect , and yes i form him if something goes wrong the he can tray to see what he can do, but he is not a profesional in this he is also a siailor
and makeing a theat by stoping seding doens't help at oole
even get people like me angry because it shows disrecpect for what he has don to get it so far and the other how help to make this site great and running how it is now
you are here a rrealtity short so easy up. wen there is a problem let him no give him the time to look in to it and dont be so agressive
you not the onlyone here
zxc 15-Aug-2019 22:36
QuatroS8, provide me some screenshots to analyze data. Leakage of traffic - its normal for our tracker. If you want to prevent it try to create torrent with PRIVATE flag

As you can see we use openbittorent which help us with seeding. Your file was downloaded 10 times bypassing the seatracker.
Our tracker does not take into account traffic passed through DHT or openbittorent
use PRIVATE flag to disable openbittorent
QuatroS8 ® 16-Aug-2019 02:02
skipper3362 I really don't understand what would you like to tell me? Улыбка Please chose correct English words if you would like to tell/explain me something.
zxc it is not problem what or who is downloading from my sources, but in my ratio which remains all the time on zero (please look again image above)!
If I upload a magazine whose size is 145,3Mb x 7 times (in total this means more then 1Gb of data), I expect fair record of may ratio from your tracker!
Do I expect too much? Am I too nervous because of that?
Thx & Br, Q
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