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Storm Proofing your Boat, Gear, and Crew

Year: 2016
Language: english
Author: Gary M. Goodlander
Genre: Manual
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 1533352720
Format: Other
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 338
Description: As author remarks "Storms exist. Pretending they don’t or that they will never hit you is both stupid and childish". The purpose of this book is not to encourage ayone to sail into storms, but rather to assist reasonably experienced sailors to survive storms with minimal damage to vessel and crew. Since not all storms can be avoided, the sailor must be properly prepared, instead of fear them. There’s only one way to obtain this offshore calm and self-confidence. It is called seamanship, or common sense based upon experience. It cannot be purchased. Seamanship must be earned over time, and the more seamanship one has, the less fear suffers. A little fear can be useful, but too much can paralyze. The base idea of the book is that a good boat is obviously better than a bad one, but there is no direct relationship between cost and safety. A small, storm-proofed boat can be safer than a large, expensive yacht. In this book the author widely dispenses tips, tricks and rules to make safer the existing boat. Advices covers everything the offshore sailor needs to know about vessel preparation, reducing sail, reefing, towing slowing drogues, deploying a parachute-type sea anchor, from where to step into a life raft, why deploy fenders, what things one must avoid, and ultimately, hanging to a Jordan Series Drogue.
Additional info: Folder contains both AZW3 and epub version of the book



Rating: 4.9 / 5 (Votes: 29)

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