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NALFLEET Marine Chemicals / Interactive Management System

Year: 1998
Language: english
Author: NALFLEET Marine Chemicals
Genre: Catalogue
Publisher: NALFLEET Marine Chemicals
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Number of pages: >100
Water is the most widely used raw material on Earth and the use of water is rapidly rising in line with industrial and population growth. This increasing demand puts prime emphasis on sound water management practice to give the most economic use of this valuable resource. For the purpose of transporting or transferring heat, water is unique in that it is capable of absorbing more heat than any other common inorganic substance.
The water systems on modern sea-going vessels consist of an integrated series of plant an equipment designed to produce and use water in applications such as:
· Sea Water Cooling Systems
· Evaporators
· Steam Boilers
· Engine Cooling Systems
This manual has the objective to give the reader good basic understanding of the principles of operation and water treatment requirements of these applications. The attached dia gram shows a typical water circuit encountered on board ship. Incoming sea water is passed through an evaporator to produce high quality feedwater for engine cooling systems, boiler feedwater and drinking water. The NALFLEET product range is designed to prevent the damaging effects of scale and corrosion in each of the systems.
The primary goals of NALFLEET Water Treatment Programmes are to:
· Ensure the continuous operation of the water systems
· Minimise the occurrence of scaling and corrosion
· Ensure a that water is used in a safe and efficient manner.
· To demonstrate a Return on Investment to our customers


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