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OP NOTICE TO SHIPPING No. N-1-2018 (PANAMA CANAL) - Vessel Requirements

Year: 2018
Language: english
Genre: Handbook
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Number of pages: 76
Description: The purpose of this document is to inform the shipping community of the procedures and amplifications necessary to implement the Maritime Regulations for the Operation of the Panama Canal (MROPC). Please be advised that non-compliance with Panama Canal rules and regulations may subject vessels to unnecessary delays or denial of transit. The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) may order deviations from these rules if special circumstances so warrant.
Additional info: This Notice is effective on the date of issue and cancels OP Notice to Shipping No. N-1-2017. A revised Notice will be issued in January of each year or when otherwise required.


2. Size and Draft Limitations of Vessels
a. Vessels Transiting the Panamax Locks
b. Vessels Transiting the Neopanamax Locks
c. Other Draft Considerations
d. Maximum Width
e. Protrusions
f. Maximum Height
g. Release from Liability
h. Approval of Plans
i. Required Documentation for Initial Transit in Electronic Format
j. Denial of Transit
k. Vessel Should Be Able to Relay at the Locks
3. Requirement for Pilot Platforms and Shelters on Certain Vessels
4. Navigation Bridge Features Required of Transiting Vessels
a. Authority
b. Wheelhouse
c. Bridge Wings
d. Normal Conning Positions
e. Panama Canal Minimum Visibility Requirements
f. Indicators
g. Very High Frequency (VHF) Radio
h. Whistle Controls
i. Steering Light
j. Bow/Stern Thrusters
k. Compass
l. Course Recorders
m. Bridge Wing Spotlights
n. Radar
o. Main Propulsion Systems
p. Use of Automatic Identification System (AIS)
q. Steering gear
5. Requirements for Non-Self-Propelled Vessels
6 Vessels Requiring Towing Services
7. Deck Load Cargo
8 Construction, Number and Location of Chocks and Bitts
a. Vessels Transiting the Panamax Locks
b. Neopanamax and Panamax Plus Vessels
9. Mooring Lines, Anchors and Deck Machinery
10. Boarding Facilities
11. Definitive Phase-out of Single Hull Oil Tankers
12. Admeasurement System for Full Container Vessels
13. Deck-Loaded Containers on Ships not Built for Container Carriage
a. General
b. Approval for Transits
c. Advance Notice and Inspection
14. Unauthorized Modification to the ACP/TOLL BASIS Certificate
15. Calculation of PC/UMS Net Tonnage on Passenger Vessels
16. Dangerous Cargo Requirements
a. General
b. Test of Equipment on Board
c. Holding Due to Non-Compliance
d. Reporting Dangerous Cargo in Bulk
e. Tankers Claiming Cargo Tanks as “Gas Free” or “Inert”
f. Reporting Shipments of Direct Reduced Iron
g. Precautionary Measures Due to Dangerous Cargo
h. Reporting Shipments of Hazardous Wastes
i. Reporting Radioactive Cargo
j. Coverage Requirements for Transiting Vessels Carrying Radioactive Cargo
k. Advance Notification of Shipments of Fissionable Materials
l. Tanker Inspection Program
17. Cargo Regulated Under Annex II of MARPOL
18. Pre-Arrival Cargo Declarations, Security Inspection and Escort
19. Hot Work Performed On Board Vessels
20. Manning Requirements
21. Additional Pilots Due to Vessel Deficiencies
22 Pilot Accommodations On Board Transiting Vessels
23. Air Conditioning Systems on Transiting Vessels
24. Main Source of Electrical Power
25. Emergency Source of Electrical Power
26. Sanitary Facilities and Sewage Handling
27. Discharging of Vessel Wastes, Oily Bilge Water and Ballast Water
28. Emergency Escape Breathing Devices
29. Smoking Prohibition in Canal Waters
30. Maneuvering Fuel
31. Proper Display of the Panamanian Flag
ANNEX 1 – Panamax Locks Composite Maximum Clearances
ANNEX 2 – Neopanamax Locks (Cocoli)
ANNEX 3 – Neopanamax Locks (Agua Clara)
ANNEX 4 – Neopanamax Locks Clearances Diagram


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