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EMSA’s Best Practice Guidance on the Inventory of Hazardous Materials

Year: 2016
Language: english
Author: EMSA
Genre: Guide
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 42
Description: The HKC covers the design, construction, survey, certification, operation and recycling of ships to facilitate safe
and environmentally sound recycling. In accordance with Regulation 5 of the Annex of the HKC, each ship shall
have on board an IHM1. The IHM shall be verified either by the Administration or by any person or organisation
authorised by it. In the wake of the adoption of the HKC, the IMO has published a number of guidelines on ship recycling. As per the Regulation, the IMO guidelines, in their updated form, shall be taken into account when compiling the IHM2, preparing a VSCP3, conducting flag State surveys4 or detailed inspections of the port State5.
In this respect, this guidance document is complementary to the relevant IMO guidelines. It is to be regarded in
the light of these guidelines with a view to provide a comprehensive framework for the practical implementation
of the relevant provisions of the Regulation.
When calling at a port or anchorage of a Member State, all ships flying the flag of a third country shall carry on
board a ship-specific ‘statement of compliance’ issued by the relevant authorities of the third country whose flag the ship is flying or an organisation authorised by them and supplemented by Part I of the IHM.
In both cases the IHM shall be properly maintained and updated throughout the operational life of the ship,
reflecting new installations containing any HM referred to in Annex II of the Regulation and relevant changes in
the structure and equipment of the ship. However, for the ships flying the flag of a third country, any possible
exemptions and transitional arrangements applicable to those materials under international law will also be
taken into account.
Member States shall apply port State control provisions for ships in accordance with the PSC Directive11. This
control shall be limited to checking that either an inventory certificate or a ready for recycling certificate is kept
on board ships flying the flag of a Member State of the Union. Ships flying the flag of a third country should
always be in a position to submit a copy of the statement of compliance together with the Inventory. In addition, Member States shall apply port State control provisions for ships in accordance with Article 11 or Article 12 of
the Regulation as appropriate, and they may carry out detailed inspections to enforce the relevant provisions of
the Regulation.



EMSA Guidance on IHM.pdf


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