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Ship's manuals and plans to accompany Bulk Carrier Practice

Year: 20xx
Author: Captain Jack Isbester ExC FNI
Developer: Nautical Institute
Platform: Windows
Format: EXE, PDF, JPG
Edition: 2-nd
64-bit OS compatibility: yes
Language: english
Crack: N/A
Description: These impressively clear documents increase the effectiveness of Bulk Carrier Practice as a source of information about modern bulk carriers and as a teaching aid and are therefore greatly appreciated.
  • Stability information manual
  • Grain stability manual
  • Ballast water management manual
  • Cargo loading and seeming manual
  • General arrangement plan
  • Tank and capacity plan
  • Hold washing and drainage system plan
  • Docking plan
  • Midship section
  • Shell expansion (aft)
  • Shell expansion (forward)
  • Mooring arrangement
  • Life-saving equipment
  • Natural ventilation
  • Ballast/stripping system
  • Fire and safety plan
  • Fuel oil service system
  • Air, sounding and filling pipes
  • General arrangement of hatch covers
  • Sealing plan of hatch covers
Add. info: Use Start.exe to run the program.



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helloworld ® 19-Apr-2019 20:23
Note: This is same release as previous one, but is uncompressed (according to rules, files in compressed form is not allowed)... Cheers
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