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Guidance on Line Management Plans (LMP) + Addenda

Year: 2019
Language: english
Author: Intertanko
Genre: Guide
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR without errors
Pages count: 46
Description: INTERTANKO has developed this guidance to help Members comply with MEG4 and to address the questionsin VIQ7. The guidance covers the implementation of the Standard Mooring System Management Plan (MSMP),the Mooring System Management Plan Register (MSMPR) which is a subset of the MSMP and the Line Management Plan (LMP). These plans are new tools to assist Members with managing equipment and lines from design to retirement. MEG4 states that the plans should remain on the ship throughout its life as part of the management of change records to ensure that documents and records are not lost and it is recommended that all information relevant to the mooring of the ship is considered together as a complete system. The plans should also include a record of any changes that have occurred to the mooring equipment and arrangements since the vessel was built.
In the maintenance section it should detail the installation, storage, repair, maintenance and wear and tear, while at every stage referencing any manufacturer’s guidance. Similarly, the inspection section should detail how and when the inspection should be undertaken.
Typical components include:
• Records of mooring hours.
• Line inspection records and plans.
• Manufacturer and operator retirement criteria.
• Test/inspection reports.
• Manufacturer’s recommendations following tests or inspections.
MEG4 stresses that it is the responsibility of the operator to ensure the proper development and implementation of the LMP. As with the Mooring System Management Plan Register (MSMPR), it is a live document and can be held either in hard or soft version. It should, however, be integrated into the ship’s document control system and be subject to change management controls to ensure a complete history. The LMP should be easily accessible for internal and external compliance verification, ship personnel training and communication with manufacturers by those who need to use it.



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