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Hooks Used In Artisanal Longline Fisheries Of The Eastern Pacific Ocean

Year: 2011
Language: english
Author: Takahisa Mituhasi and/y Martín Hall
Genre: Catalogue
Publisher: Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 28
Fisheries and bycatch studies frequently require measures of catch per unit of effort, and a critical need to produce consistent time series is the standardization of the effort measures. For longlines, captures per 1000 hooks are commonly used. Artisanal fisheries show a large variability of types and sizes in time and space, caused by problems of hook availability and costs, multiple targets, etc. As hook selectivity depends on its shape and size, both the catch per unit of effort of the target species, and of the incidental captures are affected by the hook used.
To maintain the technical information needed on the hooks, it is necessary to identify the types in use to compare their performances, for mitigation studies, and others. It was decided to produce a visual catalog of hooks in use in the Eastern Pacific coastal region from Mexico to Peru, similar to those created by Beverly and Park (2009) for the western Pacific, and Yokota et al. (2006) for pelagic longline fisheries. Samples were collected throughout the region with the cooperation of the fisheries agencies of the countries involved, and images were produced in the true size, so that scientists or observers could easily identify the hooks in use by placing a hook over the images, until a match was found.
We would appreciate cooperation of all those interested in the catalog, in providing us with additional models or sizes that they may encounter, and that are not represented in this first set, to add them to the catalog.
English and Spanish


A visual catalog of hooks in use in the Eastern Pacific coastal region from Mexico to Peru, no index.




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