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Framo Service Manual For Cargo Pumping System

Year: 2005
Language: english
Author: Frank Mohn Services AS
Genre: Manual
Publisher: Frank Mohn Services AS
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 0242-011-4
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 312
Description: The Framo cargo pumping system is designed for a long life and reliable operation. To obtain this long life it is important that the system is operated according to the intentions. Further, the specified preventive maintenance must be carried out and the cleanliness level in the hydraulic system must be kept within acceptable limit.
For maximum efficiency, operate as few power packs as possible, maintaining the required oil flow.
Hydraulic system pressure should be kept to a minimum above the requirements to the highest consumer.
Operation of the pumps to be within the capacity range.
In case of low discharge pressure, observe for abnormal noise and vibration. Reduce the hydraulic pressure until stable condition is obtained.
Only qualified personnel should operate the system, thus ensuring a safe and economic operation. Necessary training is owner's responsibility.
Framo may offer several alternatives for technical training.
System adjustments and service work should only be performed by a Framo service engineer, or by qualified members of ship’s crew.
Overspeed (tripping) of the Framo cargo pumps cannot occur due to the speed control valve - STC (Speed Torque Controller). This valve is limiting the hydraulic oil flow to the pump's motor and consequently the maximum speed. The maximum oil flow is adjusted by Framo, and the adjustment screw is sealed. Overspeed is impossible as long as this seal is unbroken. If the seal is broken, warranty claims will be refused.
Dry running situations may occur during stripping and tank cleaning operations. The bearings in the Framo cargo pump is lubricated and cooled by the hydraulic return oil, which means that the pump can run dry without any damage to the pump. However, unnecessary dry running should be avoided.
The hydraulic return oil temperature is also a bearing monitoring system. An alarm will be activated if the hydraulic oil temperature exceeds 60°C.
The Framo pumps can be run against closed cargo valve without any risk of eventual overheating as the wear ring loss is lead directly back to the tank.
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Framo Service Manual For Cargo Pumping System


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