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KRAL Screw pumps K Series with magnetic coupling / Operating Instructions

Year: 2006
Language: english
Author: KRAL AG
Genre: Operating Instructions
Publisher: KRAL AG, Bildgasse 40, Industrie Nord, 6890 Lustenau, Austria
Series: OIK 09B 01/2006 Edition
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR without errors
Number of pages: 76
Description:-General information
Operating instructions are an integral part of the pump and the pump unit. These operating
instructions must be retained for later use. You must also comply with the operating instructions
for the drive motor.
Intended use for KRAL pumps covers the delivery of liquids that lubricate, are chemically inert and
non-abrasive.-General safety instructions
It is essential to comply with the general safety instructions given below:
• If you do not comply with these operating instructions, no liability can be accepted for any
resultant damage.
- You must read the operating instructions carefully and comply with them.
- The user is responsible for ensuring that the operating instructions are observed.
- Only suitably qualified and trained personnel are allowed to fit, remove and install the
• Do not use KRAL pumps beyond the operational limits stated on the nameplate and in the
operating data of the technical data section, see "Operating data", page 4. If the operating data
do not match the details on the nameplate, contact the manufacturer to resolve the matter.
• To prevent loss of warranty claims any repairs made during the warranty period require the
explicit agreement of the manufacturer.
• General accident prevention regulations, as well as local safety codes and operational guidelines
must be observed.
• All applicable national and international standards and requirements relevant to the place of
installation must be taken into account.
• In installations where there is an increased potential risk for people and/or machinery, pump
failure must not lead to personal injury or damage to property.


General information
About this document
General information 1
Symbols used 1
General safety instructions 1
General safety instructions for magnetic coupling systems 2
Standards and guidelines 2
Additional standards and guidelines 2
Technical data
Type code 3
Nameplate 4
Operating data
Intended use 4
Operational limits 4
Use not as intended 5
Requisite NPSH values 6
Noise levels 9
Weight table for type KF 9
Weight table for type KV 11
Heating 12
Functional description
Functional description
General drawing of a screw pump 15
General drawing of a screw pump with magnetic coupling and motor 16
Characteristics of screw pumps 16
Screw set and casing 17
Shaft seal 17
Main screw bearing 18
Bearing of the idle screws 18
Overflow valve 19
Heating 19
Transportation, storage and disposal
Raising the pump 21
Raising the pump unit 22
Storage and preservation
Storage 22
Preserving the internal surfaces of the pump 23
Preserving the external surfaces of the pump 23
Removing the preservative 23
Safe disposal 23
Disposing of the pump 23
Installation, removal and connection
Locating the pump 25
Installing the pump 26
Aligning and checking the shaft coupling 27
Electrical connection
Connecting the pump 28
Pump Removal
Removing the Pump 28
Filling the pump 31
Checking the direction of rotation 32
Commissioning the pump 33
Adjusting the overflow valve 33
Pump shutdown
Switching off the pump 35
Resuming pump operation
Restarting the pump 35
Maintenance requirement 37
General drawing of the pump with magnetic coupling and motor
General drawing 38
Replacing the magnetic coupling
Removing the magnetic coupling 39
Installing the magnetic coupling 43
General drawing of the pump
General drawing 49
Replacing the ball bearing
Removing ball bearings 50
Installing ball bearings 52
Replacing the set of screws
Removing the set of screws 55
Installing the set of screws 57
Assistance with problems
Faultfinding reference 61
General drawings
Exploded view of pump with magnetic coupling and motor 67
Exploded view of pump 68
Additional info: KRAL AG, Bildgasse 40, Industrie Nord, 6890 Lustenau, Austria, Tel.: +43 / 55 77 / 8 66 44-0
Fax: +43 / 55 77 / 8 84 33, www.kral.at, E-mail: kral@kral.at
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dso80 20-Aug-2013 09:03
Пожалуйста, откройте раздачу. Очень нужен этот мануал.
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