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Installation Manual VDR/S-VDR Model VR-7000/VR-7000S

Year: 2019
Language: english
Author: Furuno
Genre: Manual
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 152
Description: A VDR records various data and events encountered aboard ship. The purpose of the VDR is to
help investigators locate the causes of marine incidents.
The revised SOLAS Chapter V requires the installation of VDRs on passenger ships of 150 GT
and above on all voyages and other ships of 3000 GT and above on international voyages and for
newly built ships on and after 1 July, 2002.
The basic VR-7000 consists of a Data Collecting Unit (DCU), a Data Recording Unit (DRU), a Remote
Alarm Panel (RAP), a video LAN converter, a sensor adapter and microphones to record
bridge audio. A Junction Box (JB) is optional. The DCU contains the Data Processor Unit, interface
modules and backup batteries. It collects data from sensors as required by the IMO and IEC
standards. The DCU processes the incoming data and information in the order of occurrence while
old data is overwritten with new data for storage in the DRU for 48 hours. The batteries supply
power to the DCU to record bridge audio for two hours in case of a ship’s mains power failure.
The flash memory in the DRU stores the data coming from the DCU. All essential navigation and
status data including bridge conversation, VHF communications, and radar images are recorded.
The data can be retrieved by using playback software for investigation after an incident.
The Fixed DRU components are embodied in a protective capsule. The capsule ensures survival
and recovery of the recorded data after an incident. An acoustical pinger helps locate the Fixed
DRU underwater.
The Float-free DRU components are embodied in the bracket. When the Float-free DRU sinks to
depths of up to four meters, the capsule automatically comes off from the bracket then floats on
the sea surface. A signal helps locate the Float-free DRU.




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