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Navigation by Harold Jacoby

Year: 1918
Language: english
Author: Harold Jacoby
Genre: Handbook
Publisher: The McMillan Company
Edition: 2nd
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 376
Description: The present volume was undertaken with certain very
definite aims. In the first place, it is intended to be complete
in itself, so that it should be possible to navigate a ship
in any ocean not very near the north or south pole without
other books or tabular works, excepting only the nautical
almanac for the year in which the voyage is made. To attain
this end without unduly extending the size of the volume,
certain essential nautical tables have been abridged ; but
all are given in sufficiently extended form to permit of actual
navigation with their aid ; and they are especially suitable
for beginners, who can here attain the necessary knowledge
with less effort than would be necessary with more bulky
volumes. In cases where very extended tables are convenient,
they are mentioned in the text.
In the second place, the author has not assumed that the
reader possesses formal mathematical and astronomical
knowledge, or desires to possess such knowledge.
Whenever methods of navigation require for their demonstration
an understanding of spherical trigonometry, or some other
branch of formal mathematical science, such demonstrations
have been replaced with incomplete or ''outline " demonstrations
designed for the non-mathematical reader. Practical
methods are fully explained ; and an attempt has always
been made so to word the explanations that the reader,
even the beginner, will understand his problem, and will
know what he is doing, and why he does it.



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