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Guide for Conducting Marine Fire Investigations

Year: 2017
Language: english
Author: D. J. Tyrrel
Genre: Guide
Publisher: MAIIF
ISBN: n/a
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 126
Description: s. Investigators may have to expend considerable time and effort before the cause can be identified. The destructive power of the fire itself compromises evidence from the outset. The larger a fire becomes and the longer it burns, the less evidence of causation will remain. In some fires, sufficient data to establish the origin and cause (i.e., evidence) do not survive, no matter how diligent the search or well prepared the searcher. Destruction of evidence may also be a result of the normal and necessary duties of fire personnel carrying out rescue, suppression, overhaul, and salvage tasks.
Responsibility for the investigation of shipboard fires may be different under different circumstances and may be dependent to a large extent upon where the ship is located when the fire breaks out. While the Flag State would always have authority and responsibility to investigate fires on board the vessels under its registry, there are other authorities that also have a valid and legal interest in conducting an investigation. If the ship is in port when a fire breaks out, the local fire service may have the primary civil responsibility to establish a fire’s cause. In addition, the Port State Administration may also exert authority to investigate. If there are fatalities as a result of the fire and the fatalities are all of the same nationality, the Administration of that nationality may be considered an “Interested State” under the terms of IMO Resolution 849 (20), and as such may wish to investigate. In addition to “Official” investigative authorities, other “unofficial” investigations conducted by the vessel owner and the vessel’s insurance company will also be conducted. While the owner and his insurance company have valid investigative needs, their needs are of a secondary importance to the official investigations conducted by Flag and Port State Agencies, and other official investigative authorities.



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