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English Language Learning Bookshelf

Year: 202x
Language: english
Author: Various
Format: PDF+MP3
Quality: Unknown
Pages count: >10000+
Description: English Language Learning eBooks in .pdf and .mp3 formats. Contents below & into "Filelist"
** Repetitions Possible or/and maybe Already exist on Seatracker!!
"Read, Listen and Learn"


File Listing For: [\English] on 9/20/2020
An Introduction to English Morphology.pdf [1 MB]
An Introduction to English Phonology.pdf [1 MB]
An Introduction to International Varieties of English.pdf [1 MB]
An Introduction to Middle English.pdf [2 MB]
An Introduction to Old English.pdf [1 MB]
Business Letters, Resume, Correspondence and Interviews [DIRECTORY]
Cambridge IELTS Course.pdf [16 MB]
Check Your English Vocabulary for Business and Administration.pdf [483 KB]
Correct English.pdf [1 MB]
Easier English Intermediate Dictionary-Mantesh.pdf [19 MB]
English - Penguin Dictionary Of Literary Terms And Literary Theory.pdf [62 MB]
English - Teaching Academic Esl Writing Practical Techniques In Vocabulary And Grammar - 2004.pdf[19 MB]
English Corpus Linguistics - An Introduction.pdf [2 MB]
English for Writing Research Papers.pdf [3 MB]
English in the Southern United States.pdf [2 MB]
Great Writing 2 Great Paragraphs 3 edition.pdf [12 MB]
How to Say It Choice Words, Phrases, Sentences, and Paragraphs for Every Situation, Revised Edition.pdf[1 MB]
idioms_for_everyday_use.pdf [34 MB]
Improve Your Written English.pdf [11 MB]
Language_A_Biological_Model.pdf [2 MB]
MacMillan-Survival.English.pdf [3 MB]
Modern American Slang and Unconventional English.pdf [22 MB]
Newspapers.PDF [11 MB]
Northern English - A Social and Cultural History .pdf [3 MB]
OXFORD_2005_Practical.English.Usage_3ed_.pdf [11 MB]
Paragraphs and Essays with Integrated Readings (11th Edition).pdf [8 MB]
Practice Makes Perfect English Sentence Builder(BBS}.pdf [2 MB]
Prentice-Hall-Whats.Up.American.Idioms.pdf [1 MB]
Quick Solutions to Common Errors in English.pdf [4 MB]
Routledge,.Victorian Poetry - Poetry, Poetics and Politics.[1993.ISBN0415030161].pdf [3 MB]
Say it Better in English- Useful Phrases for Work and Everyday Life Mantesh.pdf [10 MB]
Say It Right The First Time.pdf [1 MB]
Secrets To Writing Great Papers (Study Smart Series).pdf [13 MB]
Sex_Slang.pdf [2 MB]
Speaking and Writing Strategies for the TOEFL iBT [DIRECTORY]
Spelling Simplified (Study Smart).pdf [14 MB]
Test It, Fix It - English Grammar.pdf [7 MB]
The 4000 English Words Essential for an Educated Vocabulary.pdf [1 MB]
The Big Book of Words You Should Know- Over 3,000 Words Every Person Should be Able to Use[Team Nanban]tmrg.pdf[2 MB]
The Cambridge - Encyclopedia of the English Language.pdf [63 MB]
The Concise New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English.pdf [11 MB]
The Words You Should Know to Sound Smart- 1200 Essential Words[Team Nanban]tmrg.pdf [1 MB]
The_Little_Red_Writing_Book.pdf [1007 KB]
TOEFL_Vocabulary_AudioLearn [DIRECTORY]
Weeds in the Garden of Words.pdf [1 MB]
Writing American Style.pdf [625 KB]
Writing Fitness Practical Exercises for Better Business Writing.pdf [3 MB]
Writing With Power.pdf [21 MB]
250 Job Interview Questions [DIRECTORY]
Business English - Telefonieren [DIRECTORY]
Business English - Verhandlungen [DIRECTORY]
Presenting_in_English [DIRECTORY]
Telephone.English [DIRECTORY]
Test for English - Cambridge IELTS Course [DIRECTORY]
Test for English - Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS 1 [DIRECTORY]
Test for English - Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS 2 [DIRECTORY]
-------------------------------250 Job Interview Questions-------------------------------
-----------------------------Business English - Telefonieren-----------------------------
-----------------------------Business English - Verhandlungen-----------------------------
MACMILLAN_2006_Telephone.English.mp3 [39 MB]
------------------------Test for English - Cambridge IELTS Course------------------------
Cambridge IELTS Course Side A.mp3 [11 MB]
Cambridge IELTS Course Side B.mp3 [9 MB]
-----------------Test for English - Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS 1-----------------
01. Practice Tests for IELTS.mp3 [2 MB]
02. Practice Tests for IELTS.mp3 [2 MB]
03. Practice Tests for IELTS.mp3 [3 MB]
04. Practice Tests for IELTS.mp3 [3 MB]
-----------------Test for English - Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS 2-----------------
IELTS2~1.mp3 [6 MB]
IELTS2~2.mp3 [6 MB]
IELTS2~3.mp3 [6 MB]
IELTS2~4.mp3 [6 MB]
-----------------Business Letters, Resume, Correspondence and Interviews-----------------
A Handbook of Comercial Correspondence.pdf [19 MB]
Buisness English.pdf [892 KB]
Business Letters For Busy people - Career Press.pdf [1 MB]
Business Letters for Busy People.pdf [1 MB]
CliffsNotes Delivering A Winning Job Interview.pdf [22 MB]
Cover Letter Magic Trade Secrets Of Professional Resume.pdf [8 MB]
cyclopedia of Job-winning.pdf [4 MB]
Email English by Paul Emmerson.pdf [3 MB]
EXPERT RESUMES for Career Changers.pdf [9 MB]
Handbook of Business Letters.pdf [3 MB]
Hello...and now what.pdf [15 MB]
How to Improve Your Business Letters.pdf [71 KB]
How to Write a Resume if You Didn't Go to College.pdf [870 KB]
How to Write Better Business Letters.pdf [7 MB]
HOW TO WRITE correct english.pdf [11 MB]
How To Write Letters That Win.pdf [208 KB] [669 KB]
Job interview question and answser English tips.pdf [107 KB]
Job Interview.pdf [133 KB]
Job Interviews for Dummies.pdf [7 MB]
Job_4_perfect_interview.pdf [3 MB]
Job_Search_Letters.pdf [779 KB]
Magic Interview.pdf [12 MB]
Oxford_Handbook_of_Commercial_Correspondence_Workbook_.pdf [2 MB]
Preparing the Perfect CV.pdf [382 KB]
Readymade_CVs.pdf [718 KB]
Resumes For Dummies.pdf [7 MB]
Same Day Resume.pdf [11 MB]
Successful Interviews.pdf [4 MB]
Telephone.English copy.pdf [6 MB]
Telephoning in English.pdf [491 KB]
The AMA Handbook of Business Letters.pdf [1 MB]
The Employee Recruitment and Retention Handbook.pdf [1 MB]
The_resume_writer_ap_s_workbook.pdf [1 MB]
Ultimate_Interview.pdf [752 KB]
Ultimate_Job_Search.pdf [1 MB]
Webster's Guide to Business Corresponence.pdf [32 MB]
Webster's.New.World.Letter.Writing.Handbook.pdf [10 MB]
672 Oxford_Guide_to_English_Grammar.pdf [5 MB]
A Communicative Grammar of English-Third Edition.pdf [13 MB]
A Glossary of English Grammar-viny.pdf [11 MB]
A Practical English Grammar Exercises 1.pdf [12 MB]
Advanced English C.A.E Grammar Practice.pdf [1 MB]
A_Handbook_of_Word_and_Grammar_Patterns.pdf [2 MB]
Basic English Grammar Book 1.pdf [6 MB]
Basic English Grammar Book 2.pdf [1 MB]
Basic English Grammar Structure and Vocabulary.pdf [2 MB]
Betty Azar - Basic English Grammar 3rd Ed.pdf [19 MB]
Cambridge.English.Grammar.Understanding.The.Basics.Jun.2010.eBook-ELOHiM.pdf [1 MB]
Complete English Grammar Rules_ Examples, Exceptions, Exercises, and Everything You Need to Master Proper Grammar ( ).pdf[3 MB]
English Grammar A University Course 1.pdf [2 MB]
English Grammar A University Course.pdf [2 MB]
English Grammar and vocab advanced.pdf [7 MB]
English Grammar Drills-MANTESH.pdf [12 MB]
English Grammar For Dummies.pdf [2 MB]
English Grammar for the Utterly Confused.pdf [1 MB]
English Grammar Understanding Basics.pdf [5 MB]
English Grammar Workbook For Dummies, 2nd Edition.pdf [10 MB]
English Verbs & Essentials of Grammar for ESL Learners.pdf [1 MB]
English_Grammar_Workbook_for_Dummies.pdf [7 MB]
Essential English. A Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook for Intermediate Students.pdf [3 MB]
Fundamentals of English Grammar Workbook, 2nd Ed - 411p.pdf [14 MB]
Fundamentals of English Grammar, 3rd Ed - 525p.pdf [30 MB]
Grammar And Usage For FCE.pdf [5 MB]
Grammar and Writing Handbook.pdf [11 MB]
Grammar for Teachers - A Guide to American English for Native and Non-Native Speakers.pdf[3 MB]
Grammar.and.Vocabulary.Practice_Teacher's.Book.pdf [18 MB]
Just Enough English Grammar Illustrated.pdf [3 MB]
Murphy Raymond - Essential Grammar in Use [DIRECTORY]
The Briefest English Grammar.pdf [495 KB]
The Glamour of Grammar - A Guide to the Magic and Mystery of Practical English [DIRECTORY]
The Online English Grammar English Today E-Book Version-MANTESH.pdf [13 MB]
The Teachers Grammar Book.pdf [3 MB]
Top 20 - Great Grammar for Great Writing - 304p.pdf [9 MB]
Understanding English Grammar.pdf [2 MB]
When Bad Grammar Happens to Good People.pdf [4 MB]
------------------------Murphy Raymond - Essential Grammar in Use------------------------
English Grammar in Use Book with Answers and Interactive eBook [DIRECTORY]
English_Grammar_in_Use_Intermediate_2019_5th-Ed_Supp_Ex.pdf [2 MB]
Murphy R. English Grammar in Use. 2012 4-ed..pdf [123 MB]
Murphy Raymond - English Grammar in Use 5th Edition 2019 [DIRECTORY]
Murphy Raymond - English Grammar in Use 5th Edition Supplementary Exercises.pdf [4 MB]
Murphy Raymond - English Grammar in Use 5th Edition.pdf [5 MB]
Murphy Raymond - Essential Grammar in Use (eBook) 2015 [DIRECTORY]
Murphy Raymond - Essential Grammar in Use 4th edition.pdf [13 MB]
Murphy Raymond - Essential grammar in [58 MB]
--------------English Grammar in Use Book with Answers and Interactive eBook--------------
English Grammar in Use Book with Answers and Interactive eBook.pdf [6 MB]
-----------------Murphy Raymond - English Grammar in Use 5th Edition 2019-----------------
English Grammar in Use 5th Edition - 2019.pdf [13 MB]
English Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises 5th Edition - 2019.pdf [4 MB]
------------------Murphy Raymond - Essential Grammar in Use (eBook) 2015------------------
Murphy-Essential-Grammar in Use Elementary-2015 [DIRECTORY]
Murphy-Essential-Grammar in Use Intermediate-2015 [DIRECTORY]
---------------------Murphy-Essential-Grammar in Use Elementary-2015---------------------
appendixes audio [DIRECTORY]
img_elementar_of_units_for_anki [DIRECTORY]
merged-audio-units [DIRECTORY]
Murphy-Essential-Grammar in Use Elementary-2015.pdf [81 MB]
-------------------------------------appendixes audio-------------------------------------
------------------------------------appendixes audio-1------------------------------------
------------------------------------appendixes audio-2------------------------------------
------------------------------------appendixes audio-3------------------------------------
------------------------------------appendixes audio-4------------------------------------
------------------------------------appendixes audio-5------------------------------------
------------------------------------appendixes audio-6------------------------------------
------------------------------------appendixes audio-7------------------------------------
--------------------Murphy-Essential-Grammar in Use Intermediate-2015--------------------
appendixes audio [DIRECTORY]
img_intermediate_of_units_for_anki [DIRECTORY]
merged-audio-units [DIRECTORY]
Murphy-Essential-Grammar in Use Intermediate-2015.pdf [82 MB]
-------------------------------------appendixes audio-------------------------------------
------The Glamour of Grammar - A Guide to the Magic and Mystery of Practical English------
AlbumArtSmall.jpg [4 KB]
Folder.jpg [17 KB]
Important ! Readme.txt [363 Bytes]
The Glamour of Grammar-Part01.mp3 [35 MB]
The Glamour of Grammar-Part02.mp3 [34 MB]
The Glamour of Grammar-Part03.mp3 [35 MB]
The Glamour of Grammar-Part04.mp3 [34 MB]
The Glamour of Grammar-Part05.mp3 [35 MB]
The Glamour of Grammar-Part06.mp3 [33 MB]
The Glamour of Grammar-Part07.mp3 [35 MB]
--------------------Speaking and Writing Strategies for the TOEFL iBT--------------------
Bruce.pdf [13 MB]
Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test_ iBT Student Book with CD-ROM and Answer Key ( ).pdf[25 MB]
Oh Crap! Potty Training_ Everything Modern Parents Need to Know ( ).pdf [1 MB]
TOEFL Vocabulary Disk 1 [DIRECTORY]
TOEFL Vocabulary Disk 2 [DIRECTORY]
TOEFL Vocabulary Disk 3 [DIRECTORY]
untitled.bmp [120 KB]
---------------------------------TOEFL Vocabulary Disk 1---------------------------------
---------------------------------TOEFL Vocabulary Disk 2---------------------------------
---------------------------------TOEFL Vocabulary Disk 3---------------------------------




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