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Plans reglementaries in coque des batimens de guerre & atlas de genie maritime a Toulon,

Year: 1838
Language: french
Author: Paris
Genre: Other
Publisher: Port de Brest
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 80
Description: This set consists of two maritime atlases. The language is French. The files inside contain detailed black-and-white drawings/sketches of the sailing ships of the past. This set will be useful for ship modelers as well as everyone else fond of the sailing fleet of the past. The quality of the images contained in both atlases is quite satisfactory, so the readers will definitely not experience any problems connected with the loss of quality during the scaling. We would recommend the present set of atlases to all people with the serious interest in the naval history and ships of the past, and particularly to the ship modelers. The publication is very rare and the content will be greatly appreciated by all model makers since they will find the information not available in most of the other publications on the subject of ship modeling.
Additional info:

Atlas de Genie Maritime A Toulon - Paris [1838, PDF]

Author: Paris | Year: 1838 | Language: french | Format: PDF | Quality: Scanned pages | Pages count: 168 | Genre: Other

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