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Boiler Water Treatment

Year: 1990
Language: english
Author: J. D. SKELLY, B.Sc., Chart. Chemist, M.R.I.C.
Genre: Reference book
Publisher: IMarEST
ISBN: 0 900976 66 7
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 76
Description: The primary need for water treatment is simply that water, found in
nature, contains impurities. These impurities cause problems when the
water is used in evaporators, boilers, or as a cooling medium for diesel
engines aboard ship.
Water is, in fact, almost the "universal solvent" and this uniqueness of
water can be traced back to its molecular structure. An intermolecular force
comes into play amongst all molecules positioned closely together. This
force is referred to as van der Wall's attraction. Positive charges in molecular
nuclei attract electrons of other molecules, the force being great enough to
overcome the mutual repulsion of surrounding electrons. The heavier the
molecule the greater the intermolecular attraction. Thus, substances with
high molecular weights, in general, have high boiling points. On this basis
water with a molecular weight of 18 should boil at a considerably lower
temperature than it does. The reason it does not is because of its amazing
molecular structure.



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