metallicoholic1712@gmail. ® 01-May-2021 15:15
Hello everyone,
I am presently on board and have access to Witherby Seamanship Ebook Reader with plenty of licenced marine books.
Any one have any idea how to extract from the software and have a readable pdf?
I dont want to upload huge files with image scans.
If anyone has a solution please PM or reply here so that i can start uploading all kinds of genuine uptodate paid stuff which is not usually available elsewhere.
Thanks in advance.
sahilvijay 01-May-2021 15:37
metallicoholic1712@gmail., Yes, you can locate pdf files in the C drive under witherby folder in program files section of installed location. Moreover those pdf are highly encrypted. This will solve your purpose of extracting files ie pdf but will not serve purpose of unlocking them. Hope that helps.
gillnumil 05-Feb-2022 15:36
metallicoholic1712@gmail., Not possible to save any pdf from Witherby's or Admiralty for that matter.
The only solution is save each page as a screenshot and finally combine all as a pdf.
But quality of the saved snapshot is not as good as in the reader software.
Good enough for making references and referring a few points from the book. Till something better comes along.
But definitely not worth reading the whole book in that format.
gillnumil 05-Feb-2022 15:59
twicer, tried that with Adobe pdf and Cute Pdf ..but dosent work with both the softwares - Admiralty and Witherby are built to avoid this so that a pdf cannot be created.
The only way was to take screenshot. but for that too they have made sure that the quality detoriates and not crystal clear like in a ebook. distorts more upon zooming.

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