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Inmarsat RescueNet Handbook

Year: 2020
Language: english
Publisher: INMARSAT
ISBN: 1234567890
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 37
Description: This document describes the RescueNET system, which is part of the Inmarsat Maritime Safety Services offering. This Handbook is intended for Rescue Co-ordination Centres (RCCs) and provides a high-level description of the features available.
Common RCC functions and responsibilities have been taken into account with the design of the RescueNET system and is customizable for ease of integration into already existing SAR organisational structures. For example, if an RCC is certified to broadcast Enhanced Group Call (EGC) messages, such as Distress Alert Relay and Search and Rescue (SAR) communications over the Inmarsat network, this can be included in the user account. Alternatively, if the RCC is not certified to broadcast EGC messages, this function can be disabled from the user account; however, they will still have access to many common functions.
The RescueNET service links across Inmarsat C, Mini C, and Inmarsat Fleet Safety for EGC broadcast service, as well as enable RCCs to communicate directly with Inmarsat Fleet Safety Ship Earth Stations (SES) for Distress Alert and direct SAR coordination.





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